Things That You Should Never Say During a Job Interview

Things That You Should Never Say During a Job Interview


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You are told over and over again on what all you should say in a job interview and how you should prepare for the common questions. That’s because what you say during an interview, reflects your character, personality, and knowledge base.

On the same thought, it is equally important to know about the things you shouldn’t say as it is to know what to say.

Here’s a guide for interviewees including the things that they should never say during a job interview:

“I am here to gain some experience”

It can be true by all means. It is normal for freshers to join a company in order to gain experience so that they can apply for better jobs. But you can’t afford to be brutally honest here. Don’t talk about your success plans being separate from that of the company’s during your job interview if you expect to receive a job offer.


“I plan a holiday ever two months”  

Showcasing self as an ardent explorer and traveler is ‘in’ these days. But when asked what you do to refresh yourself, you simply cannot say this. Moreover, you can’t do this anymore, if you did earlier. A job requires commitment and sincerity. The company won’t accept your candidature if you already have such plans.


“Sleeping is my weakness”

Asking about your weaknesses and strengths is a common practice in recruitment interviews. However, casual answers like these are hardly acceptable. You interviewers might be friendly and act all cool but they definitely do not expect sleeping, watching movies, or binge eating as your weakness/strengths.


“Can I take this call,it’s important”

First of all, it’s bad manners if your phone rings in the midst of an ongoing job interview. It breaks the monotony and disrespects the people on the other side of the table. Above that, if you excuse yourself for taking the call, rest assured that your application will be rejected.

Additional interview tips for freshers:  Be in a habit of switching off your phone or keeping it on silence before every meeting/interview. If by any means you forget, do it immediately when it rings and apologize sincerely for the same.


“I don’t know”

It is usual to not know answers to every question your interviewer asks. They don’t expect you to know everything either. But a direct ‘I don’t know’ can be fatal for your prospects. You can either put up your point of view or tell them how you would find out the answer. You can also smartly redirect the area of the question and create your own comfort zone. But don’t jump into any of it. Take time to understand and comprehend the question and then decide the next step.

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Swear Words

Even when you are familiar with the outgoing work environment of the firm, you cannot use swear words to form your first impression. A job Interview is a formal meeting and you cannot act like they are your childhood friends or even friends for that matter. Maintain the decorum of the meeting and mind your words!


“In your place”

A clever answer to “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?”? Not at all! That’s way too direct and rude. Never ever try to outsmart your recruiters in your fresher interview or you will easily lose out on a desirable job offer.


“You look great today!”

Even if you mean well and do not aim to be flirtatious, remarks like these are not appreciated by the interviewers. Keep your healthy complements for after you have got the job offer and work as office mates.



There is no hard and fast rule as to what to say and what to hold during a job interview. But there is a fine line between being friendly and being extra gregarious. If you do not understand the fundamental difference yet, it’s best to stick to the professional manner and maintain your best composure during the course of the interview!