7 Easy Interview Tricks To Help You Get The Job Offer

7 Easy Interview Tricks To Help You Get The Job Offer


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If you have ever come across someone who says, “just be yourself in your job interview, there’s nothing to worry about”, don’t listen to them.

While being yourself is justified, there are actually some interview tricks that can help you gain the interest of the interviewers. Interviews are all about impressing the recruiters using your wits, knowledge, skills, and personality.

But using your intelligence a bit to alter the course of the interview in your favor is something which needs to be learned. Of course, we don’t mean unethical ways.

We have a list of interview tricks to make sure that you land a strong change to get the job offer. Have a look:


Dress for the moment

You might consider that you are interviewing for a graphic designer’s role so you should be creative with your outfit. Well, that’s not true.

No matter what you are interviewing for, the recruiters need you to be professional. Always dress in professional attires when showing up for a job interview (even when not specified so).

What’s the trick?

Well, the colors you choose to wear for your interview does matter as per psychology experts.

For example, orange is one of the colors you would really want to avoid wearing for your job interview. While, white, black, and its various shades do reflect a nice professional personality.


Have a few questions ready, when asked

A job interview is more of a conversation than just a one-way interrogation.

Most of the questions will be thrown upon you but you need to have a few to ask the person on the other side of the desk as well.

It is important to not only engage well in the conversation but to echo that you have done your homework well.

It also shows your interest in the job because only when a candidate is interested does he do all the research work and can come up with a question that can’t be found elsewhere. One more thing to conclude from here is to ask things which aren’t very obvious and are available easily from other sources. Frame smart questions.

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Align your answers to the interviewer’s age group

Now that’s really tricky but one of the interview tricks that work most.

It is obvious that everyone prepares answers for commonly asks questions. But not everyone customizes it as per the requirements of the interview.

Apart from other factors, the age of the interviewer matters pretty much and can be an effective trick to excel in the interview.

It is known that people from different age groups can have different take on things. So, you should try to grasp what possible answer (to selected questions) can impress the interviewer based on his age.

For example, when asked how you spend your leisure time, you can’t say partying when there’s a 60+ interviewer throwing the question.

Not that it’s wrong, it just doesn’t sync with the age group and can form a personal negative impression.


Be candid, but professional in language

Being candid is good for the conversation while being professional in tone does impress the recruiters. But being both at the same time is one of the interview tricks that help you get the job offer. And yes, that’s totally possible.

You need to be expressive to make sure the interviewer understands your point well. And being candid is the best way to go through this.

At the same time, do not forget that it’s a professional setup. Watch out your language. Don’t use slangs and don’t mix up languages too often, unless necessary.


Make eye contact with the interviewer

Not just one of the most effective interview tricks, but a must practice to follow during any interview. Making eye contact!

Many candidates wonder where things went wrong while they were too good at the interview. It’s called a job interview because they not only judge you on what all you know but how you present yourself.

Making eye contact with the interviewer says a lot of things. It means you are confident with your answer. It also keeps a healthy conversation going rather than just a question-answer session.

Eye expressions also make your answer much more emphasizing than it would be otherwise.


Support your answers with examples

The recruiters are looking for candidates who can tackle real-life problems and not just someone who is good at reciting theories.

That’s why examples work a lot more than just vague stories. You don’t need to attach examples to every answer but some particular ones where it’s relevant.

For instance, if you are asked how you would tackle a given problem. It is better to quote some similar problem from the past and tell them how you solved it.

But if it is different, point it out and talk about the difference in approach required to solve the problem posed.

It does sound to be a bit complicated, but that’s the trick. Once you grasp the concept it can work in your favor forever.


Take your time to revert

One of the interview tricks that is pretty evident, yet is missed out most of the time. This mainly happens due to the nervousness of the interview.

You often mug up answers to common questions when a fresher interview is involved. We aren’t saying not to.

It does come handy when you are too anxious for the interview. But you need to smart and not make it obvious that you have the script ready.

When you are asked something and you know the answer by heart, don’t start right away. Take a few seconds and meanwhile think if there’s any alteration required to your prepared answer.

This way it won’t look pre-planned and you will be sure that no unnecessary information is blurted out unintentionally.



A fresher interview can be intimidating but if you got these interview tricks right, you can significantly increase the probability of getting the job you’ve applied for. AMCATs MockAI is an effective tool that can help you preparing for your job interview and apply all these discussed tricks and see how they work.

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