7 Signs Which Can Reflect The Outcome Of Your Job Interview

7 Signs Which Can Reflect The Outcome Of Your Job Interview


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A job interview is just like an exam, which you go give your best in and wait really long to know the result. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just know the result right after the interview so that you don’t keep stressing about it?

Well, unless you are attending campus placement interviews where you get to know the result on the same day, most interview results take time.

However, we have listed out some interview tips for you. Signs which you can observe during your interview that indicate the outcome of your fresher interview.

Take a look at them and keep a lookout if you have cleared the interview –

  1. The interviewer will discuss how your skills and experience will fit the job role – The interviewer will discuss upcoming projects and mention how your skill set will be useful in the job role. They will refer to the kind of work you will be doing in the role instead of a generic statement. This is a clear indication that they feel you are suitable for the profile and quite likely to be selected.

  1. The interviewer will ask about your other job prospects and your interest level in the job – This is one of the commonest questions asked in the interview if they are keen on hiring you. You can prepare your answer and use a tool like MockAI where you can see yourself speak. The tool captures a video of your mock interview and helps you improve on your body posture and communication. With this question the interview wants to know if this job is your first preference or a backup. Ensure you stay positive and seem enthusiastic in the job interview.

  1. The interviewer will mention the following rounds and future steps – This is often the biggest giveaway that you have done well in your fresher interview. The interviewer will mention what the next steps are and what the following interviews will be. They want you to be prepared for the next rounds. Also, they may bring in more interviewers or introduce you to colleagues on the floor, these are obvious indicators that the interview is going well!

  1. The interviewer starts talking of ‘when’ and not ‘if’ – It helps to pay close attention to the words of the interviewer. If the interviewer starts talking about ‘when you join, these are the things to do’ or ‘when you join you will be given the complete details’ etc. that means they are already imagining you in the role. On the other hand, if you ask a question and they tell you ‘If you get selected…’ then that might mean bad news! So keep an ear out listening to the kind of positive words they use in the interview.

  1. The interviewer starts convincing you about the job and its perks – Once the job interview has passed its test then there is a sort of reverse communication where the interviewer starts to convince you of the job. They want to make sure that you choose the company too and don’t seek any other job prospects. They start mentioning all the perks that you will get and how it will help your career if you agree to join the company.

  1. The interview goes on longer than expected – Usually, a fresher interview lasts anywhere between 10-20 minutes and anything longer than that means the interviewer is keen on investing time in knowing you as a candidate. You need to be prepared for this and one of the best ways to do is undertake mock interviews on MockAI. Here you will be given all sorts of questions and you can be prepared. The interviewer may also get more casual and talk about your family, hobbies and other things. If they don’t want you they will not discuss all these aspects.

  1. The interviewer discusses salary and joining date – When a job interview ends with a discussion about salary and how soon you can join, there is a good probability that the interview has gone well and they want you on board. It indicates they want to finalize on all the factors before letting you go.

Make sure you look out for these signs during your job interview to assess how it went. And also let us know if there are any other signs you have experienced during your fresher interview in the comments below. For more such interview tips, follow our blog!