A-Z Tips on Body language(W and X)

A-Z Tips on Body language(W and X)


‘Walk your way to success through your expressions’

myAMCAT.com continues to present its A-Z Tips on Body language. We are at: W and X

W- Walk confidently
Walk swiftly but carefully. Keep your head straight. Walk with shoulders high, waist not bent, and legs locked. And never slouch; it is mark of an under confident person. By practicing a good walk, you’ll automatically feel more confident.

X- Xpressions
Facial expressions: During an interview it is important not to make an excessive display of facial expressions. Smiling is a good way to seem enthusiastic and to come across as a sociable individual, but there should be caution in that this should not be exaggerated. The most effectual facial expression to achieve effective interview body language is to maintain a mild smile throughout.

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