Career Options You Should Explore During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Career Options You Should Explore During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Best career options that you should consider
Best career options that you should consider

To fight the global pandemic companies are reducing cost by laying off workers. This might make you think about whether to continue sending out your job resume or take a break and let the pandemic subside. However, putting your job search on hold due to the COVID-19 crisis won’t get you closer to your dream job. If you are serious about your job hunt, then you should start looking out for career options that are in-demand.

To help you start your career in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, we have come up with a list of best career options that you should seriously consider pursuing to have multiple job opportunities.

Software Development Engineer

In order to become a successful SDE (Software Development Engineer), you need to be armed with a creative mind to use your technical skills to create out-of-the-box software programs. The purpose of an SDE is to build software to be used in program-specific tasks.

Every company, from big to small, requires specialised software to continue operating successfully, especially during the pandemic when everyone has to work from home.

So, if you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and the ability to collaborate and communicate with your team to create new software as per the users’ and client’s need, then you should seriously consider this career option.

Content Writer

The responsibility to attract the audience to the company’s goods and services lies on the shoulder of the Content Writer. As a copywriter, you are responsible to maintain or improve the style and format of the content across all the projects and communication platforms.

As a content writer, you need to have a solid command over the language and your basics clear. Moreover, if you want to improve your chances of bagging the job of a content writer, then you should think about learning SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Having a basic knowledge of SEO will highlight your candidature in front of the recruiter. So, you should complete a few relevant certification courses before sending out your job application

Digital Analyst

As a Digital analyst, you will be tasked with making accurate reports and dashboards to keep a tab on the company’s digital assets. You will have have to work on CRM (customer relationship management) software and various AI-powered tools to analyse the digital data.

So, when preparing for a job interview, you should read up a bit about digital software and tools to show the recruiter that you have done your homework. This position requires you to work with heavy amounts of data to give customers the best digital experience when they visit your website.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, companies are trying to market themselves digitally, so you can expect career options related to digital marketing to boom. A typical digital marketing job requires you to have a thorough understanding of SEO, SME and other social media marketing strategies.

Data Scientist

Data science is a new hot age and buzzing career option that offers lucrative packages. One of the biggest reasons behind the rise in demand for data scientists is because data is everything and expertise to manage that data is required.

As a data scientist, you will be responsible to organise a massive amount of data and make insightful suggestions to drive the business decision to increase profits and improve customer relations.

So, if you have a solid foundation in computer science, programming, statistics and data analytics, then start working on your job application for the position of a data scientist.

Business Development Executive

This is one of the best career options that you should definitely explore. You are responsible for finding and retaining clients and customers. To start your career as a BDE, you should attend virtual networking events or seminars to attract and retain clientele.  Moreover, to continuously grow your skills, you should keep a close eye on the feedback that you receive from the clients.

When working on your job application, you should highlight your interpersonal skills, creativity and communication skills. Moreover, familiarize yourself with the company’s products and services to confidently answer interview questions related to them.

In this job profile, the way you speak and your body language matters a lot, so make sure during the video interview round your body posture is correct and that you are carrying a positive body language.

 Machine Learning Expert

Machine Learning (ML) is an extended branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is projected to expand substantially in the near future. In fact, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, machine learning is now actively incorporated across all the major industries.

To put it simply, Machine learning is the application of AI to make the system learn, operate and improve on its own. Sounds awesome, right?

So, to target this career option, you need more than a degree in Computer science/IT/ mathematics. You need to have a working knowledge of Python and Deep learning with high proficiency in ML framework.


This list of top career options during coronavirus pandemic in India will help you kickstart your search for your dream job and the industries where you will get job security. So, use this list to decide the direction of your career you want to go in next.