Become productive at work with these 6 habits

Become productive at work with these 6 habits


Staying productive at work can often become a daunting task especially if you’re about to get into your first job. With the increasing distractions at workplace, being productive is not just about working hard but working smart. If you’re about to join the corporate bandwagon, here are a few habits you should build to become more productive at work –

Don’t let emails take over your day — Checking emails incessantly can become a major source of distraction throughout the day. Many of us would click on an email as soon as it arrives however this can lead to delays in your ongoing task. Unless there is an important activity that needs your attention, avoid responding to every email. Set aside 15 minutes every day to check your emails and respond to all of them.

Stick to your schedule – As a habit, list down your tasks for the day along with a timeline. Pin them to your board or add a note to your laptop to keep track of your day. In case you’re falling behind, try and analyse the cause for delay and fix it immediately. If you have to be a part of meetings, plan your day in advance so that you do not miss deadlines for submitting your own work.

Don’t working for long periods without a break – Taking short breaks in between work can immediately re-energize you. Staying glued to your desk all day long will lower your productivity. Get up and take a short walk around office or take short 5 minutes breaks to clear up your mind and start afresh with work.

Don’t try to memorize everything – It is not possible to keep note of all your thoughts and activities happening at workplace every day. Make a habit to carry a notebook or download an app to scribble down the notes of an important meeting or the ideas that come to your mind. With everything important safely captured, your mind will be free to focus on the task at hand.

Prepare for tomorrow before you leave office – Writing a to-do list for not just the present day but even the next can help you plan your day efficiently. You can also consult your manager on the things you would need to focus on the next and list them down. With your new priorities listed, you can start your day in an organised and disciplined manner.

Keep a positive thought process – A new workplace can be intimidating for many of us but is important to stay positive and composed at work. Don’t hold yourself back from the fear of failure and take up any new work given to you. Be confident in your abilities and avoid being anxious as it will directly affect the quality and output of your work.

Follow these habits dedicatedly and you’re all set to become a productive worker every employer would love to hire.