Avoid These Five Common Mistakes Everyone Makes At Their First Job!

Avoid These Five Common Mistakes Everyone Makes At Their First Job!


Most of you must be waiting for that day! – Your First day at office. Remember the butterflies in your stomach on the first day of your college, well it won’t be that tough. Our career depends on our first job hence being nervous on the first day is completely normal. Professional life is way too different from what you had been living, But don’t worry keep in mind some important tips while you kick start your office days. Avoid these things right away:

Reporting Late:

It’s your first day, remember it’s also the first impression that you are going to create in front of your employer. Reporting late to the office displays your casual and careless approach to work. Avoid being late at work, make sure you reach office 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

Fiddling with your phone:

We all check our phones all the time. Spend time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now a days bit more time on Tinder: P .It’s time to be professional guys! Fiddling with your phone and checking it again and again creates a bad impression on your employer. Now the time has come to focus on project deadlines. Be where you are and keep these distractions away from workplace.

Trying to be a superhero on the First Day 🙂

Want to create an impression right away? Just dive in everything that is happening in the company. Hold On! It takes time to learn new things. Your manager will be happier if you take time to understand the minute details of the workplace and how things actually work. Understanding your duties and responsibilities efficiently not quickly will make your seniors happy.

Not being active:

Be active to what’s been happening in the workplace. As a fresher, it can be easy to fade into the background and simply do as you’re told. However, you shouldn’t be too passive. You can still do your job and respect your superiors while still contributing and being an actively participating member of the team.

Not Asking for Help:

No one will expect you to know everything. It’s your first time, make sure that you ask for help whenever you are stuck at any point of your job. Your manager is a great resource – try to learn as much as you can. Also don’t be afraid to reach out to a variety of people besides your manager – you might find a great mentor or friend in the process.

First rule that you need to adopt to be successful in your life is to be humble. Right from the first day being humble at your workplace will get you rewarded and always appreciate the opportunity that you’ve got. Try focusing on the experience you’re getting from this job and how you’re fortunate to be employed.