7 job skills every employer wants

7 job skills every employer wants

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A survey across the country has revealed that graduates do not possess the soft skills to succeed in business. 83 percent of companies say that graduates who don’t develop these workplace skills or soft skills will never be high performers.

An increasing number of employers are now looking beyond the degrees in your CV to find candidates with good people and workplace skills. So, if you’ve put in all your time and effort to get your degrees in place; we suggest you work on building your soft skills. Wondering where to start? Here are 7 skills every employer is looking for while hiring the millennial workforce –

Teamwork – You need to showcase your ability to work effectively in a team. Employers want to see how you can collaborate and put forth your view point and also listen to theirs. Most roles involve working with other people so we suggest you brush up your inter-personal skills to be a good team player.

Problem solving – You should be able to logically think through situations and resolve issues. Employers look for people who don’t panic or give up when things go wrong but who will find a way to solve the problem.

Communication skills – Good oral and written communication is a no-brainer. Graduates with good English skills stand out from the rest and garner 30-50% higher salaries than similarly-qualified candidates without English skills. English fluency has become one of the key qualities that employers will look for irrespective of your job role.

Initiative – The most successful employees are those who proactively pursue learning in every chance they get. Employers look for candidates who show initiative and are eager to learn and add value to the organization. Don’t hesitate to take up a new project, research etc. and contribute in any small way that you can. A self-driven attitude at work and it will take you a long way.

Organized – In the fast paced business environment, one thing you cannot afford to do is waste your senior’s time. You should manage your time well and work in a productive manner. Keep your paperwork in order, do not be late for scheduled meetings, taking notes during meetings, a good level of tidiness are marks of a well-organized employee.

Confidence – Confidence can be a very good selling point for you. Be confident and not arrogant. Stay positive and don’t compare yourself to others. Accept compliments and also take criticism in a constructive manner.

Adaptability – Your first job will not always be how you planned so be open to change. Don’t expect clearly defined roles at the outset and be prepared and willing to do tasks outside of your role. Employers look for an ability in candidates to quickly adapt to new situations and carry out tasks efficiently. Don’t be rigid in your opinion and be open to new ways of doing things.

Make an effort to develop a solid set of skills and if you can cover most of the above, you have a sure shot chance of a bright career ahead.