10 Work habits that make you look immature at work

10 Work habits that make you look immature at work



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Ironically, the most immature people think they are the most mature ones. You might not be aware of some of the bad work habits that make you look immature. You may not even realize it until it’s too late but there are certain work habits that tarnish your reputation at work; making you look like a child trapped in an adult’s body.

Some of you don’t want to grow, which is fine until you’re at home. But in workplace situations, there is a strict code of conduct, work ethics and, career advice that must be followed religiously.

For instance: We all have that one person in the office who is always offering job tips for success but never really follows them to set an example or that one person who is always sipping their coffee with a butt load of gossip in the cafeteria.

These kinds of work habits, when practiced over a period of time, can make you the laughing stock of the office or someone who is avenged by everyone. We don’t see a point why you should continue these bad work habits when you can easily identify them and work towards improvement.

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In this blog, we will discuss 10 bad work habits that will get you pulled in a serious meeting in no time. If you are able to connect with any of these, time to amend your ways.



It might seem like harmless cafeteria laughing banter, but talking about your colleagues behind their backs is unethical and distasteful. Back-bitching never ends too well for the gossip mongers. The office gossips tend to blow out of proportion in no time which spread bad vibes and negative energy in the work environment. Before this habit sucks you into failure, quit it!

Being late

Teachers let you in 10 minutes late during college but this is an office. Now, you cannot arrive late every day or on important days. You are no child who needs to be dragged out of bed for school. Grow up and take charge of your time. Be responsible and manage your time in a way that boosts your productivity and reputation at work. Also, making others wait for you is a plain rude work habit.


Messy desk

Nothing screams immature/childish like a messy work station. Step back and check what makes your desk so messy. Check if there are any unorganized bits of paper lying, piles of files that you know nothing about, too many coffee cups and post-its, scattered stationery or leftover food. A messy desk shows that you have no respect or love for what you do. So, maintain a habit of clearing your desk out every now and then.

Never accepting your fault

The immature people always find it difficult to accept their mistakes and apologize for them. They are always in denial of their weaknesses, mistakes and, bad work ethics. These people always find themselves getting into workplace troubles. Here is a bit of career advice in this regard – Be all ears to your mistakes. Do not turn a blind eye to your deeds. Instead, take charge and apologize for being incompetent.

Being aggressive

An office spat is the last thing you want to be a part of. The immature people have a very bad work habit of choosing aggressive methods to resolve issues. They deal with conflict and disagreement like a 2-year old whose candy got stolen. They use harsh language, demeaning words and insults to prove authority and superiority.


Snapping back on rejection

The immature people always snap back upon being rejected. They cannot handle any criticism or constructive feedback. They are very amicable when things do not turn out according to their wish.

In such situations, they act disgracefully and make a scene out of petty matters.

In order to have a decent image at work, you must be open to rejection, appreciate the help, respect other’s opinions and, act gracefully under pressure. Acting out of angst is a bad work habit that must be dropped instantly.


Sticking to your comfort zone

While it is great to have a confined comfort zone at work, you must not stick to it forever. Remember, challenges are a part of work life and how you deal with them proves your mettle. Do not box yourselves into our comfort zone with select few people and ideas.

This behavior keeps you from having new friends, ideas and knowledge which indirectly decreases your creativity and productivity.

A bit of career advice again – Learn to deal with uncertainty and add hock situations.

Playing the victim card

If you’re looking for signs of immature people just turn around and see that ‘victimized’ look on someone’s face. Immature people blame others for their faults and always pull out the victim card in tough situations. This behavior is completely the opposite of right work ethics. Do not try to cover your faults by playing the blame-game in office.

Intruding Privacy

Do you see someone peeping into your computer screen? Did you just catch someone scrolling through your Facebook profile? If you spot someone like that, beware of them. The immature people often go around crossing healthy boundaries of the workplace which must be stopped.

Such people have a sense of power which must be shattered at once to bring them back to reality. Do not be too comfortable until asked for.


Not taking responsibility

As an adult, you should take complete responsibility for any job you’ve been assigned. Do not be that immature person who can’t see their mistakes and would make just about any excuse to walk out of the situation. Own up to your flaws, mistakes and learn from there.

The best work ethics code suggests that you must be accountable for all that has been assigned to you.




You may be good at what you do, but to have a successful career, one has to acquire essential job skills as well. Getting a hold on such interpersonal skills can contribute a lot to your professional life. You should master skills like maturity, patience and, open-mindedness before you begin to work in a professional environment.

You do not want to cut a sorry figure later on, right? Check your work habits from time to time to ensure steady and decent behavior at the office.

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