What is a ‘good score’ in the AMCAT Test?

What is a ‘good score’ in the AMCAT Test?

In our ‘Cracking The AMCAT test‘ series, we now explore what's a good AMCAT score – How you can compare yourself against it and what you can do about it!

Tips and tricks to crack the AMCAT test
Tips and tricks to crack the AMCAT test

So, you have given the AMCAT Test. And are waiting for the calls to come – with your results in hand. And wondering if they are good enough! Asking around. Thinking whether the test itself is flawed, or even a fraud.

Well – You are not the only one.

The AMCAT test is taken by more than a hundred candidates on a daily basis. Candidates who take with varying levels of preparation in the ELQ segment, focusing largely on their chosen segment. There are those who sail through impeccably and then apply for the exclusive jobs on our platform. And then there are those who are surprised when they receive their results and the overall AMCAT Feedback report.

In our series on ‘Cracking The AMCAT test‘, we now explore what is actually considered a good AMCAT score – How you can compare yourself against it and what you can do about it!

Decoding the AMCAT Test

The AMCAT Test, a skill assessment / aptitude test is an overall evaluation on four skill parameters – English (verbal and communication skills), Logical Reasoning, Quantative Reasoning and domain knowledge. While the first three modules are common across all student tests, the fourth varies as per your field of study (Engineering, Financial, Management and general purpose) and your discipline in them.

The evaluation, an adaptive test, ranks your performance in all four based on how you’re performing through it – quicker, correct responses lead to tougher and tougher questions, while incorrect answers lead to easier ones. Your AMCAT score varies accordingly too.

Let’s break up what would considered a ‘good’ AMCAT score in these fields individually:

English module:

An example of a question from the English vocabulary section.
An example of a question from the English vocabulary section.

The English module (explained in an earlier part of our ‘Cracking the AMCAT series’) covers vocabulary, grammar and comprehension analysis. A decent score here would be:

  • For Engineers – Above 450
  • For Graduates – Above 400
  • For MBAs – Above 425

Why is this needed? English is largely the communication language in all large companies, especially MNCs. A good command over it, showcases your potential communication skills – a low score here often portrays the candidate in a negative light.

Logical Reasoning:

An example of a deductive reasoning question in the AMCAT logical reasoning section.
An example of a deductive reasoning question in the AMCAT logical reasoning section.

The Logical Reasoning module (explained in an earlier part of our ‘Cracking the AMCAT Series’ covers Deductive, Inductive and Abductive Reasoning (explained in detail in the same piece). A good score here would be:

  • For Engineers – Above 450
  • For Graduates – Above 380
  • For MBAs – Above 425

Why do you need a high score here? It is a score of mental ability, rationale, problem solving skills and maintaining a level head during day-to-day tasks.

Quantitative Reasoning:

An example of basic mathematics solution in the quantitative ability module.
An example of basic mathematics solution in the quantitative ability module.

A quantitative reasoning module covers a candidate’s understanding of basic and applied mathematics (explained in detail in our explainer on the module). Here is what would be considered a good AMCAT score in this module:

  • For Engineers – Above 450
  • For Graduates – Above 380
  • For MBAs – Above 425

Why do you need a good score here? This is a hold of your mathematical abilities in core technical and non-technical aspects. Depending on the individual recruiter’s requirements, a cut-off is applied here on which candidates will make the cut and which won’t.

What is a good overall AMCAT score?

Normally, an overall AMCAT ELQ score above 1500 is considered a good score, clearing most company requirements. The fourth module, domain, is often decided by the recruiter and may vary case by case.

The second thing you should know is this – how are cut-offs defined by companies. Generally, companies work with the individual cut-offs given above. There are a few situations where two cut-offs can be combined. This happens with Logical and Quantitative modules, where the cutoffs and scores are added up.

What can you do about it?

Give your scores an honest evaluation – do you think that they would make the individual cutoffs easily or that you can improve on them? If the first case holds true, then keep a handle on them for the year period and consider renewing them once your year gets over.

Otherwise, consider taking a retest, as soon as your cool-off period gets over.

Have we been able to give you a clue over the AMCAT score yet? Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.


  1. Hello my score is 535 in English 575 in quantitive and 605 in logical 435 in computer programming and 592 in computer science but I am not getting any call

  2. my score is 545 in english 575 in logical 495 in quant 535 in computer science but no calls frm accenture or any mnc so please check and amcat ID 30004025038151

  3. Comment:i have got 99 percentile in telecomm 94 in logical ,91 in quant,84 in semiconductor 57 on english.i got call from two company for non technical profile.should i wait for any call test date 19 aprail and i m 2013 passout,or no active job for electronics pls caal me once 9999464760

  4. Hello my score is 555 in English,575 in QA,595in LA,388 In electronics,388in Telecommunications my amcat Id is 30004458365008 .1 month is over but I didn’t get a single call

  5. My score is 630 in English, 650 in Quantitative, 495 in Logical, 585 in Computer Programming, 592 in Computer Science .. still on dragging the mouse cursor to “apply to this job” it says this score might not be good to get interview calls.

  6. Are core company recruitment drive conducted through amcat? If yes then which are those companies especially for mechanical engineering students.

  7. i got 545 in english
    625 in quant
    625 in logical
    545 in computer programming
    i didn’t got any call from company
    amcat id 30003775821056
    i have done my exam on March 4th…

  8. Hey Kambala,
    The scores given here are minimum cutoffs. Remember, that the max score is 900 per module. Further, MNCs like Accenture have more stringent conditions when it comes to recruiting. And each year, the median scores for performing students changes, with more and more candidates joining the pool.
    To explain these better, our AMCAT team will connect with you soon.

  9. Its been a month when i gave my amcat test and i have not recived any call from your end…. This is quite disappointing.. this is something can not be digested that AMCAT being an esteemed organiation is doing nothing and simply increasing the number of complaints on their site.

  10. Dear Nishtha,

    Have you had a chance to go through your feedback report and scores? Pls consider these and ascertain whether you rank high in percentile or if your scores require improvement.

    We have observed (from our end and candidate testimonials) that it can take nearly 40-50 days for students to receive interview calls. The interview calls depend on A) Your scores (the higher they are in percentile, the more likelihood of your profile making it to a recruiter’s top list) and B) Individual Job requirements. We would ask you to patiently wait for some time. However, if you have any doubts over your percentiles, pls share your AMCAT ID and our support team will get in touch with you.

  11. Hi, Do IT companies prefer Quans, Logical and English CutOffs alone while recruiting or they use Optional Modules too…..

  12. I want amcat preparation bits i am engineering final year student in electronics and communication engineering please send model bits

  13. I have applied for amcat test still didnt
    Get the results pls let me know when will inget
    The result

  14. My amcat scores are english-490,quant-560,logical ability -540, computer programming -465, computer science- 405 are these scores enough to get call from MNC’s ??

  15. I had written amcat test on 5th Oct . It has been 20 days I didn’t received any mail from amcat and no results are given. Plz tell me how to see the results .

  16. Getting calls for non tech profiles .Can anyone suggest this is because of less marks in AMCAT ????

  17. My score is
    Enlish – 385 (18.4)
    QA – 605 (83.1)
    LA – 530 (74 %)
    Computer programming – 575 (93.4)
    Computer science – 438 (67.9)
    Agregate – 2533

    Will I get call from companies or I have to retake the test as my score is not good in english(on national percentile).

  18. Hi Keshav,

    Your scores are decent, however, you can work towards an improved score in English and computer science. In the meantime, start applying on the jobs board.
    For your second query – the timeout time is 45 days, not three months. The gap is to enable better study preparation and to try your first set of scores.

  19. Ok Vidhi thanks for replying. Actually in scores and feedback they have written that ratake the test after 3 months that’s why I got confused.

  20. “” We have observed (from our end and candidate testimonials) that it can take nearly 40-50 days for students to receive interview calls. “”

    Why it takes 40-50 days to receive interview calls I mean if someone score is really good then he should get calls with in some days when he applies for the jobs.

  21. My scores are
    English 420 (29.1 percentile)
    Quantitative 635 (88.8 percentile)
    Logical 545 (78.6 percentile)
    Computer programming 465 (71.2 percentile)
    Mechanical engineering 469 (95.9 percentile)

  22. English
    615/900 91.9%

    Quantitative Ability
    550/900 68.4%

    Logical Ability
    555/900 81.4%

    Computer Programming
    565/900 92.3%

    Computer Science
    562/900 92.7%

    What are my chances of getting calls?? Or should I retake.

  23. Hi Animesh,

    Your scores are good enough to receive calls. However, would request you to be a little patient – as it often takes 2-3 weeks for your scores to get matched to recruiters. You may begin applying to relevant jobs on the AMCAT jobs board.

  24. Hi. I’ve scored good in Verbal(88.5), quantitative(86.1), logical(94.9) and computer programming(96.1). But less in concert science with 346 marks and 39.3%. Am I qualified in exam? Do I get or do I have chance to get interview calls? Is there anything like sectional cutoff in AMCAT exam which decides I’m failed just because my score is not good in one section also?

  25. Hi Saikumar,

    It will affect your chances, especially in jobs specifically looking for a Science profile. However, you can possibly try your hand at other jobs, which require someone high on verbal, quants, logical and programming.

  26. Hi I am observing since 1 month that amcat is not a good platform for fresher as 80% jobs posted here are for the experience people.I am not even getting chances to apply for the jobs beacuse I am a fresher.

  27. Hi Prasad,

    You should consider taking the test again and working on your English skills. Almost all jobs look for candidates who have good communication skills. And English is the mode of communication in most businesses.

  28. my amcat score is 2589
    English Comprehension 640 (95.1%)
    Quantitative Ability (Advanced) 340
    Logical Ability 455 (46.1%)
    Computer Programming 685 (99.3%)
    Computer Science 469(76.2%)

  29. I am from electrical background but I want to opt for computer science and programming as I have good knowledge in that field comparatively. Is it okay to opt other field

  30. My amcat score is english-510,aptitude-605,logical-510 Please suggest me I have to renew the subscription or to retake the amcat test

  31. While your ELQ scores are good, you also need to consider your subject scores. If your percentile scores are amid the top 20 (80% and above) then renew your subscription. Otherwise, retake the test.

  32. My amcat score is english-580(85.3),aptitude-565(71.5),logical-570(85.1) ,Computer Programming 545(89.4) will it work?

  33. what would be the suitable score for a mechanical engineer for getting a call from honda. my id is 30000996738239

  34. why all they are not getting any interview call ? I am going to give the amcat test. plz anyone help me… will it help me for getting me job or i will get the same result even after scoring well ? bcoz i have less percentage. plz anyone let me know about this.

  35. Hi Ritanjali,

    All the best for your upcoming AMCAT Test.

    Getting interview calls is dependant on the kind of scores you get, as the AMCAT is a bridge to opportunities. The hardwork to clear it, needs to come from your end. As to doubts over the efficacy of the AMCAT Test, we request you to go through the >AMCAT Success Stories: Reviews and Testimonials.

  36. Hi Aparna,

    The option is available.
    You may get an option between the two, when you schedule your test. Would request you to try booking the test online and check for your options.

  37. Did any one really got benifited with this exam or not.?..There’s no positive comments here…I was thinking to write..But seeing these comments I’m confused right now….what to do?

  38. Hi Kumari,

    We understand that the comments here are a mixed bag – we choose to retain all comments on our platform. We do suggest going through the AMCAT success stories, which are testimonials by those users who have already landed confirmed job offers using the test.

    The underlying factor is that your success with the AMCAT is dependant on your level of preparation for the test and the upcoming job interviews.

    Hope this helps.

  39. Hi
    My amcat score
    English 500(59.9%)
    Quant 650(91.9%)
    Logical 445(42.2%)
    Will it work to get chances or re take test

  40. Hello…!!!
    With reference to my AMCAT score given below…
    ENGLISH – 525 (PERCENTILE- 69.1)
    QA – 520 (PERCENTILE-58.6)
    LOGICAL – 615 (PERCENTILE- 93.1)
    ELECTRICAL ENG. – 420 ( PERCENTILE – 57.9)

    What are chances of getting a call for the interviews ???

  41. We would recommend improving on your AMCAT score for English, as communication skills are ranked high in interviews across industries. Same for your core subjects – Electrical, Computer Programming…

  42. hii.. i am interested to write amcat. so,guys please help me….after getting gud score in amcat…do people getting calls from companies or not??

  43. Hi…my academic percentage is second class….. If I get a good score in amcat test….can I get a calls from MNCs companies.

  44. Hi, I scored 100percentile in ELECTRONICS Section.89percentile in quant Section .please check. my AMCAT ID IS 130010889793459.

  45. My score is
    English – 525(69.1%)
    QA – 535 (63.6%)
    LA – 530 (74 %)
    Computer programming – 425 (58.5%)
    Computer science – 531(88.6%)
    Agregate – 2546

    Will I get call from companies or I have to retake the test.

  46. Hi,
    My score is
    Subject Number percentile
    English – 490 56
    Aptitude- 535 63.26
    Logical Ability- 470 52
    Computer programming- 645 98.3

    Will i got interview call or i should retake the test

  47. Hi .im a Bsc(Maths ,Statistics,Computer science) student 2017 passed out .does companies prefer freshers like me after giving amcat test.

  48. My Score is:
    QA- 285
    Computer Programming-465
    Computer Science- 500
    Will I get call from company or I have to retake the test.

  49. Hi Sowmya,

    There are jobs available for freshers with the AMCAT. Try preparing and taking the test to find suitable opportunities for yourself.

  50. I had taken AMCAT few weeks ago
    AMCAT ID:130010776750529
    I had already applied for cognizant technology solutions recruitment drive using previous AMCAT Scores.
    Can I apply for same cognizant technology solutions recruitment drive using current AMCAT Scores?

    P.S: Compared to previous AMCAT Scores, current AMCAT Scores are improved.
    Please reply ASAP.
    Username : skr16195@gmail.com

  51. Hi Santosh,

    Sure. In fact, it’d be a better idea to apply for the recruitment drive with your new and improved score. All the best!

  52. Sir, I took amcat 15 days back and this is my score
    English Comprehension 465 B (46.02%)
    Quantitative Ability (Advanced) 605 A (83.06%)
    Logical Ability 495 B (61.68%)
    Computer Programming 515 A (83.92%)
    Computer Science 408 B (58.86%)
    Is this score is good? shall I expect any call? How many days I should Wait?

  53. My amcat score is 1764….
    Will I get call from companys or should I retake the exam…… Please reply

  54. Hi Akhil,

    It appears that you have a strong hold on Quant and Computer programming. So, you can certainly expect a call from companies looking to hire candidates with these skills. However, you’d have to be a little patient about it. All the best!

  55. Hi Ashwini,

    Your score seems fine. You can expect calls from companies if your score matches their requirements. However, if you feel you can do better than this, then do go for the second attempt. After all, better the score, more are the chances of getting an interview call.

    All the best!

  56. I have only amcat oder no.
    I don’ know wts my amcat I’d. Can anyone plzz tell me that when I’ll get the amcat I’d..

  57. is the computer programming module compulsory? I am planning to take amcat in electronics and semiconductor, so which modules will i have

  58. Hello Mahendra,

    When did you give the exam? It usually takes a day for the results to show on your amcat account. You can use your amcat ID to log into your account and see your score.

    Our support team will get in touch with you anyway shortly.


  59. I have given amcat for the second time on 6 may 2018
    My scores were english 97.72 %,quantative ability 71.4%,logical ability 85.07%, electronics and semiconductor 71.74%, Telecommunication 93.64%. I have got only 1 interview call that to with my previous amcat id in which my scores were less. I want to know that when i would be able to get calls for interview with my new id
    my PREVIOUS ID WAS 30002843424439
    mY NEW AMCAT ID IS 130011034859057

  60. AMCAT ID: 130011149717064
    ENGLISH – 685
    QUANT – 535
    LOGICAL – 540
    PROGRAMING – 445

    NO CALLS. I am losing trust on this exam

  61. Hi, I have given my amcat exam on april 15,2018.I got marks as given below
    logical ability-605(91.71%)
    computer programming-575-(93.43%)
    still not even a single call.some people will call and tell we never told u`ll get a job with amcat .take resume buddy.after taking resume buddy take xyz.this is my hot hand fallacy.waste of taking amcat

  62. My Score is:
    Computer Programming-545
    Computer Science- 469
    Amcat Test Id-
    Test Id-130010638233777
    Its around more than a month and I did nt get any call?
    I am 2018 pass out.
    Will I get call from company like accenture,cts ?

  63. Hello Salonee,

    These are some really impressive scores, so don’t you worry about getting calls. You certainly will, but would need to be a little patient with that.

    All the best!

  64. Hi Bhanu,

    I am sure there has been some communication gap here. Our support team will get in touch with you shortly.

    All the best!

  65. Hey Avinash,

    At times, it does take a while before you start getting calls. So, don’t lose hope so early, and would recommend you to be a little bit patient. With such great scores, you’ll definitely be getting calls soon.

    All the best!

  66. Hey Asheesh,

    So, you now know that it may take a while before companies start paying heed to your scores and give you a call. If you are getting calls for your previous score, which was lesser, than rest assured that you’d get several calls for your new score. Just have to be a little patient about it.

    All the best!

  67. Hey can you please share electonics syllabus of what topics to prepare for ece students plzzz

  68. Hi,
    I’m a new to amcat, In domain section if it possible to apply computer programming(CP) only or I should apply both CP and ECE.

  69. Hi im going to schedule my amcat test ,can you tell me how many assessments i need to attempt to achieve score for 3600 or only one exam i.e 3 hrs

  70. Hi,
    I have score in –
    English – 430(32.64%)
    Aptitude – 490(48.27%)
    Logical ability – 570(85.07%)
    Computer Programming – 535(87.77%)
    Computer Science – 531(88.65%)
    Will I get the call from the IT Company????????

  71. Hi Nibha,

    your scores reflect stronghold on computer programming and software skills. So, yes, you can expect calls from companies looking for programmers or freshers from CSE.

    All the best

  72. I have Got overall 2350/3600
    300/900 10.00%

    Quantitative Ability
    525/900 94.00%

    Logical Ability
    455/900 73.00%

    Internet Ability
    555/900 70.00%
    Basic Computer Literarcy
    515/900 58.0%

    What are my chances of getting calls?? Or should I retake.
    Will I get the call from the IT Company????????

  73. Hi Sourav,

    Your overall score looks great. However, if you are interested in getting calls from IT companies, I’d recommend you retake the exam and choose your subjects accordingly, and try and score well in those subjects at least. You can prepare your test with the help of PrepAMCAT before appearing for the main exam. Hope this helps.


  74. Can anyone please help me out with my amcat scores? Are these decent enough?
    Eng: 665
    Quants: 520
    Logical: 435
    Computer programming: 455
    Electronics and communication: 356
    Total score: 2430/3600
    Its been 2 months I havent gotten any calls! How long does it take?

  75. Hi Sanj,

    Your scores look good enough. I understand it can be daunting to keep waiting, but would recommend you to stick with it. It may take a while, but candidates with such scores do get interview calls. And once it starts, you may even get 2-3 calls a week.

    All the best

  76. I got 545 in English
    650 in Aptitude
    510 in verbal reasoning
    465 in programming
    But I didn’t receive calls from MNC’s like Mintree and Cognizant. May I know the reason. What will be the score needed for those companies

  77. Hi
    I got 490 in quant
    535 in english
    425 in logical
    555 in programing
    Am btch and 2018 rleved
    Can i get cals plz confrm.me

  78. i have scored
    80.23% in english
    40 % in logical
    64 % in quantitative
    85.94% in computer programming
    77 % in computer science

    will i get a job calls from companies?

  79. Hello Aravindh,

    Firstly, great score and congratulations on getting through your amcat. I believe you are CSE student and looking for jobs in the same profile? Looking at your scores, I am pretty positive that you will get interview calls from several companies. It, however, may take a while depending upon the company’s requirement and hiring schedule. But nothing to worry on the front of getting calls.

    All the best!

  80. Hello Sakeena,

    Your scores for the compulsory subjects are at par, however, for the subject-specific scores, you’re just across the par score. So, while, you can definitely expect calls from companies, it may totally depend upon the cut-off set by individual firms.

    You could choose to stick to your score and wait for a while to get calls, or can choose to re-appear for the same to improve on your subject-specific score. You can do the same, after waiting for a while as well.

    All the best

  81. Hello Krishnaveni,

    Your situation is similar to what Sakeena’s is. You can refer to my response to her and follow the same.


  82. i have scored
    545 in english
    425 in logical
    575 in quantitative
    495 in computer programming
    315 in computer science

    will i get a job calls from companies?

  83. Hello Meenu,

    If you are looking for interview calls from companies for the profile of programmer, etc. I would recommend you re-appear for the exam as your scores in subject-specific module are a bit lower than recommended. You can refer to our blogs on how to prepare well for amcat exam and make your second attempt count.

    All the best

  84. My marks are
    525(69%) in English
    605 (92%) in Logical
    825 (100%) in Quant
    700 (99%) in Business Analysis
    415 (29%) in Electronics
    Will i get any call? And please review my marks

  85. Hello Amcat team,I have recently passed out from computer engineering in 2018 but i am not interested in programming and i would prefer techno-functional jobs[non technical with good package is fine too],thinking of giving amcat but i, not sure about which modules to select for the test(in subject domain i will choose computer science which module should i select as second module and can i speak with someone regarding this ?

  86. Hello Sir/Ma’am,
    The marks scored by me are
    English 94
    Maths 80
    Reasoning 84
    Computer programming 98
    Computer science 39.
    Will the computer science marks be an hindrance for my selection in IT companies? Will I be able to apply for IT sector jobs with the marks mentioned above in amcat?

  87. Hello Darshika,

    Frankly, it may or may not as well, since your score in other subjects are tremendous. Would suggest you to wait for a while and see if you are getting calls with these scores. You got to be a little patient with it though.

    All the best

  88. I attained amcat on 5th august result get declared on the next day & my scores are as follows
    English 455(24%)
    Quantitative 400(31%)
    Computer programming 445(82%)
    computer science438(68%)
    Basic computer litracy700(100%)
    Information gathering & synthesis 700(100%)
    What are the chances of getting calls from mnc or good companies ?? how much days after exam will companies start calling ?amcat id :130011632246883

  89. My verbal ability percent is 90 and quantitative aptitude is 80 ,logical is 42,programming is 96 .can I expect a call from any software company

  90. Hello Swathi,

    These are some really fantastic scores. You can certainly expect calls for software profile soon.

    All the best!

  91. Hello Akansha,

    You can certainly expect calls from good companies on the basis of these scores. However, as for the number of days before you start getting calls, is not fixed, as it totally depends on the company. So would recommend you to keep a little patience.

    All the best

  92. Hello Shreyan,

    Someone from our support team will get in touch with you regarding this.

    All the best

  93. My amcat score is as
    English 665
    Quant 460
    Logican 445
    Computer programming 435
    I applied to cognizant,mindtree, mphasis but i am not getting any call though the company is recruiting candidate from off campus
    Plz check
    My amcat id Is 130011752748169

  94. Hello Raja,

    Selecting candidates for interview is completely on the recruiting company’s discretion. Would suggest you be a little more patient. You can also re-appear for the exam and maybe try and score better in your subject-specific module (computer programming).

    All the best

  95. I have got above 99% in All four topics (English Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, Quant, Computer Programming). But I have got only 53/100 score in Automata. Is 53 in Automata good enough? If I give the test again and scored higher in Automata and lower in some other category, then, will the highest individual score in each category be considered or the higher total aggregate in any one exam?

  96. Hello Amit,

    amcat stores your latest exam scores in its database. So, your old scores will be entirely replaced by your new scores. However, it should be noted that companies mostly give more weightage to score obtained in subject-specific module. So, your aim should definitely be to improve your automata score.

    All the best

  97. My amcat score is
    Quant 800(100percentile)
    English 580(85percentile)
    Logical 545(79 percentile)
    Computer program 655(99percentile)
    It is possible to get interview call letter from any company on this score
    Please suggest me

  98. Hi Sudhir,

    These are some tremendous scores. You can certainly expect interview calls soon.

    All the best!

  99. Hey AMCAT!!

    I’ve scored….,
    *770(99.84%) in English
    *520(58.6%) in Quants
    *480(55.9%) in Logical Ability
    *55/100 in Automata
    *565(92.25%) in Computer Programming
    TOTAL : 2835(Excluding Automata!!)
    I hope to secure a job in the IT field. What are my chances of getting one!?

  100. hi i am Rashmi S V ,2018 pass out
    my scores:
    quantitative ability:635(89%)
    amcat id:130012052327465
    can i expect any interview calls or i need to retake test

  101. Hi Rashmi,

    I’d recommend you take the test again, but this time, prepare well for your domain specific subjects.

    All the best

  102. Hi Abhishek,

    Your scores are good. However, they could have been better in Automata to ensure a job interview; since you have achieved good score in computer programming.

    You can choose to wait and see if you get interview calls (it takes a little while before candidates start getting calls; but they certainly do) or can appear for the automata exam again and try and score better than before.

    All the best!

  103. I have secured- 630(93.94%) in English
    590(79.84) in quantitative aptitude
    470(51.97) in Logical Ability
    0 in Automata
    375(41.47) in computer programming
    Overall percentile is 70.
    So am I eligible for any company? & further what should I do to get a good job via Amcat?

  104. Amcat Test Date – Dec’ 27 2017
    Amcat Id – 130010150107517
    Scores –
    English : 615
    Quant : 575
    Logical : 425
    Computer Programming : 565
    Computer Science : 377
    No interview calls so far Oct’ 3 2018.
    Had applied for Cognizant, Mindtree etc.

  105. Hi Arul,

    Barring your score in Electrical, rest all are just at par. However, mostly its the score in the main module subject which recruiters give more emphasis on. So, you can expect a few calls in some time. If you don’t receive calls in few weeks, it’d be better to reappear for the exam and score even better.

    All the best

  106. Hi Rohan,

    If you are looking for jobs in programming and IT, your current scores are not very supportive. I’d therefore suggest that you prepare better and re-appear for the exam to score higher this time and improve your chances of getting interview calls.

    All the best

  107. Hi i need to get information about the exam is this exam can be conducted in the month of February or march

  108. My amcat scores are as follows,
    Computer programming:645(98.27)
    Computer science:592(95.51)
    I appeared the test on 23 rd September
    Should I reappear to Improve my English score or I can expect calls from IT companies soon?

  109. Hi Dhrub,

    Your scores in your subject domain are nice, so there’s no reason why you should not expect interview calls. Just that companies do take time before scheduling interviews or selecting candidates. So, may be you can hang on for a few more days. If you still don’t get calls, then you can maybe try and give a second attempt and try to improve your scores in English (communication is also taken seriously by several companies).

    All the best

  110. My scores are as follows:
    English – 545 (76)
    Quant – 740 (98)
    Logical – 595 (90)
    Programming – 595 (95)
    Comp Sci – 592 (96)
    Total – 3067/3600
    Please guide me after this.

  111. Hi Amrit,

    Your scores are pretty good. The next step is to wait for the interview call from the companies which deem your scores fit for their job openings. Meanwhile, you can apply for jobs yourself on our website.

    All the best.

  112. Hello sir
    My score in english is so low 29.
    Can i retake only english exam or not?
    When i will retake all exam suppose in any subject the score is low than previous subject who will consider as final score

  113. Hi Ashish,

    You’ll have to retake the exam entirely. Your best score out of all attempts will be considered to be shared with the companies.

    All the best!

  114. Sir, my score in computer science(95.51%)
    quantitative (68%)
    Other 3 subjects not crossed 60% so can I expect good companies?

  115. My scores in AMCAT are as followss English-640 (95 percentile),quant-550 (68 percentile),logical-565(84 percentile), computer programming-475(74 percentile), electrical engineering-456 (66 percentile)..can I expect an interview call from any good software/it companies.

  116. Hi Rajat,

    These are some really nice scores, and you should definitely be expecting interview calls from several companies shortly.

    All the best!

  117. Hi Chaitra,

    Frankly, it will highly depend on the company’s requirements. While, your score in your subject-specific domain is great, the over-all percentage may not be as good. What you can do in such situation is wait for a while and see if you get interview calls. If not, would recommend you to re-appear for the exam and try and improve your overall score.

    All the best!

  118. Sir, my AMCAT ID is: 158470174673730

    I gave exam on October 2, 2018 and my scores are

    English: 605 (90%ile)
    Logical: 555 (81%ile)
    Quant: 800 (99.6%ile)
    Computer Programming: 515 (84%ile)
    Computer Science: 469 (74%ile)
    Total: 2944

    A month have passed and not a single job offer yet. What should I do sir? Please guide me.

  119. Hi Sahil,

    It does happen at times when the interview scheduling takes a while. Your scores are good, and you should definitely expect interview calls. So, would recommend you to hang in there and be a bit more patient.

    All the best!

  120. hi,
    my score are
    Computer Programming:475
    Logical Ability:485
    Computer Science:377
    Is it a good score or should i give the exam again?

  121. Hi Varsha,

    The scores are below par (except quant). Would suggest you to wait for sometime and see if you are getting any interview calls else you should appear for the exam again and try and score a minimum of 550 in every section. The aim, although, must be to score as high, in every module, as possible.

    All the best!

  122. I have given the amcat test in september 2018 in event by Aspiring Minds at my college(SGGS Inst. of Engineering and Technology,Nanded) but i dont received any result of the test.My amcat ID is 158470053754682.
    Kindly check.
    thank you.

  123. my Test ID: 130013027184862

    my socre
    ENGLISH- 545
    Quantitative Ability- 535
    logical ability- 505
    Mechanical Engineering- 675
    Production Engineering- 575

    its my second test still i did not receive any interview mail and call.

  124. Hi Prasad,

    When did you appear for this test? It does take some time for the companies to shortlist candidates and start rolling our interview calls. So would suggest you to hang in there and give it some time.

    All the best

  125. Hi..
    My amcat scores are
    English – 570 (83%)
    QA – 650(91%)
    Logical Reasoning- 455 (46%)
    Mechanical engineering- 415 (27%)
    Industrial engineering- 575 (99%)

    What are chances of getting interview calls?

  126. Hi Archita,

    As you can see yourself, your score in Mech Eng section is quite low. However, your score in Industrial Engineering is pretty good along with QA and English. So, I like to believe that you stand decent chances of getting interview calls for jobs related to profile which matches the domain of industrial engineering. You can wait for sometime as it takes a while before the candidates start getting interview calls.

    All the best!

  127. Hi..
    My amcat scores are
    English – 465 (46%)
    QA – 385(17%)
    Logical Reasoning- 485 (58%)
    computer programming – 505 (82%)
    computer science- 377 (49%)

    What are chances of getting interview calls?

  128. Hello Navya,

    Barring Computer programming, your scores aren’t much impressive. Would recommend you to try and prepare better and give the amcat exam again.

  129. I got 765 in English (99.96) in quants I got 98.54 and logical I got 98.2 .Am I eligible for any calls?

  130. Hello, I want to appear for amcat exam. I am an IT student, and looking for a good job in software industry. In case of amcat, logical reasoning, aptitude and verbal are compulsory. But in case of computer science and computer programming, I am much more interested in computer programming. Can you please tell me that do I need to give exam for both computer programming and computer science? Or is it ok to give exam only for computer programming? I would really appreciate if you give me a really quick response. Thank you.

  131. Hello, I answered the amcat test yesterday for the first time,
    And I got
    605 in English
    240 in quants
    480 in logical
    425 in quantitative
    Should I expect any calls?

  132. Hi…
    My amcat scores are
    English – 475(50%)
    QA – 520(59%)
    Logical Reasoning- 410(29%)
    computer programming – 475(74%)
    computer science- 438 (68%)
    total – 2318/4500
    What are the chances of getting interview calls?
    please reply

  133. Hi Aditya,

    Your scores look decent. So, you can expect interview calls soon. However, I would still suggest that you take another shot at it and try and score better this time to ensure a job interview call.

    All the best!

  134. Hi Reema,

    You can write the exam for sure. Final semester is the appropriate time to give the amcat test. However, any company would want the candidate to have a the complete degree before they hand over the joining letter. So, you need to get your backlogs cleared before that anyhow.

  135. Hey I took amcat test yesterday and the scores are
    Quant – 490
    English – 560
    Logical – 545
    Computer programming – 605
    Electronics – 205
    Can I apply for it jobs and can expect for a call?!
    Can y’all please help with these details ?

  136. hi
    my amcat scores are
    English 650(96%)
    quantitative ability(advanced) 520(59%)
    logical ability 495(62%)
    computer programming 465(71%)
    Compyter science 377(49%)
    total 2507
    currently in final semester of engineering
    are these a good score to get the calls for IT sectors

  137. Hi Sanchitha,

    Your scores are decent. However, I strongly feel you can do better. Especially, in your core subject domains (CS). The good thing is that you took amcat in your final semester, so it gives you time to prepare better and give the test again once you are closing into your graduation time. You know the pattern of amcat test now, so should be able to prepare better for the second time.

    All the best!

  138. Hi Pinninti,

    Your scores look decent, and you can definitely expect calls for IT job interviews.

  139. I am b. Tech graduate, my score are
    English -97.72(675)
    Computer programming -98.6(655)
    Computer science -39.28(385)
    Can I get call from company?

  140. Hi Yogeesha,

    Your scores are pretty good, except in Computer Science. You can expect interview calls from companies soon.


  141. I am b. Tech cse final year student, my score are
    English -580(85.31 per)
    Quant-560(71.4 per)

    Computer science -592(95.51 per)
    Computer programming -445(65.1) per
    Can I get call from company?
    i haven’t received any call till now.after 2 weeks of exam

  142. Hello Sourav,

    Your scores are pretty decent, and you should certainly expect interview calls soon. It may take a while before you get your first call, but once you do, the following calls will be in short intervals.

    All the best!

  143. Hi Paridhi,

    Your scores are decent. You can expect calls from companies. However, if you think you can score better, I’d suggest you give the exam again and improve upon your current scores.

    All the best!

  144. Thanks for your reply.one think I should mention that it’s been 18 days since my amcat exam and I haven’t received any response or call.Thats why I am asking. Is there any time limit for getting a call?

  145. I have got these many marks in
    English -73%(535)
    Computer Programming -86%(525)
    Can I expect a call from the company or should I retake?

  146. Hello Dhanasri,

    Your scores look pretty good and I believe you can expect good interview calls soon. You just have to hang in there and be patient about it.

    All the best!

  147. English-755
    Computer programming-635
    Logical reasoning-495
    Electronics and semiconductor-505
    I got these marks in amcat . Will I get calls from mindtree or cts from these scores or I will have to take amcat test again? please reply

  148. Hello Anjali,

    That depends on what profile you are targeting. I see that you have selected computer programming and electronics as your two optional modules, both of which caters to different job profiles. Also, Mindtree and CTS keep conducting their own amcat tests. So if you don’t get a call from them on the basis of your current score. You can apply for their individual amcat exams. For more info on this, keep checking our websites for updates.

    All the best!

  149. Sir mera 1572 / 3600 marks aa rha kya me eligible hoo amcat me koi bta Sakta hai mail nhi aya hai

  150. Hello Abhay,

    Your scores are not that impressive and would suggest you to take the exam again with better preparation.

    All the best

  151. Sir, I want to share my Amcat score with you,

    English Comprehension-560(80%)-Grade A
    Quantitative Ability-560(71%)-Grade A
    Logical Ability-505(65%)-Grade B
    Computer Programming-535(88%)-Grade A
    Computer Science-531(89%)-Grade A

    Amcat Id- 130013709105258
    Date of Test- 16 March, 2019

    I would like to how’s my score and when will I get an interview call from a good MNC?

  152. I have got these many marks in
    English -90%(605)
    Mechanical Engg -100%(695)
    Production Engg-82%(515)
    Can I get call from Core Company?.. I am 2017 Graduate and 1 year of experience
    Amcat Id- 130013769605375

  153. Hello Prakhar,

    That’s an impressive scorecard, and you should certainly expect interview calls soon.

    All the best

  154. English=420
    QA= 430
    Logical ability=370
    Computer programming=265
    Telecommunication engineering=295
    Can get a call or should retake test

  155. Hi Sandeep,

    Your scores don’t look supportive and may be it would be better if you retake the amcat. You need to prepare better and ensure you score got good, especially, in your optional modules.

    All the best!

  156. My score in Amcat test is
    Electronics and semiconductor-235
    Can i get call from the Companies??

  157. I have got these many marks in
    English -56%(490)
    Computer Programming -91%(555)
    Computer Science-89%(531)
    Can I get call from Core Company?

  158. Hi Darshil,

    Your scores look pretty good. And, considering your optional modules selected, you are aiming for programming jobs. So, yes, sure. You can expect calls from companies regarding this profile. However, you should note that it may take sometime before you receive your first call. So hang in there.

    All the best

  159. my amcat score is
    Quant ability-550
    logical ability-530
    I have appeared for amcat on 21 april 2019. Still i have got no interview calls. what should i do?

  160. Hi Shubham,

    Your scores, overall, look decent except in telecomm. Would recommend you to wait for a while more, else re-appear for the test and try and achieve not just overall good score, but individually as well.

    All the best!

  161. My score in Amcat test is
    Computer science-300
    Can i get call from the software Companies??

  162. Hello Shree,

    Your scores look below par, and it is doubtful that you would get interview calls from software companies on the basis of these marks. The recommendation would be to take the amcat again, and prepare stronger this time. You can take help from PrepAMCAT to be more better prepared for your second attempt at AMCAT.

    All the best!

  163. Hi Priyanshu,

    I would suggest you give the AMCAT exam again and this time get a better score across all modules.

  164. My amcat score is
    Production engg-
    Atomata fix -29/100
    Should I retake or wait for calls?

  165. Hey Uday,

    Your score in Automata Fix needs some improvement. If you want good jobs in your field, then you should definitely re-take the AMCAT exam.

  166. Following are my Scores:
    English Comprehension => 690 (98)
    Quantitative Ability => 690 (96)
    Logical Ability => 610 (97)
    Computer Science => 620 (99)
    Telecommunication Engineering => 460 (81)
    Can I expect calls from Good Companies soon?

  167. Hi Raghav. We understand your concern. You secured an optimum score in the AMCAT assessment. Now, it is important to note that every company has its own criteria. Therefore, they will reach you out if they find you as a suitable addition based on your performance. All the best.

  168. Following are my scores
    425 english
    490 qa
    625 logical
    585 computer programming
    665 electronics

    When can i expect a call
    I have 1.5 years of experience

  169. Hi Jayanth. Your performance is decent so far. Though English scores can be improved even more. However, owing to your experience, you can expect interview calls as well. Now your chances to get a call depends on two factors:-
    1. Your scores and
    2. the company’s requirement and recruitment process.
    Therefore, the AMCAT score is valid for a year. So that you can actively carry on your job search. You can also share your AMCAT ID if you have any further doubts so that we can help you better. All the best.

  170. Hlo team
    Following are my scores
    English 440
    Quantitative ability 575
    Logical ability 530
    MS Excel 367
    Financial and Banking services 793
    Human resource 527
    I am a fresher and seeking job opportunity in Finance domain.
    How could I get call from MNC’S or any good company.
    How long it take to get my data posted to several companies associated with you.
    Following is my AMCAT ID- 130019595632885
    I had my exam on 28 February 2021.
    Hoping for a positive and prompt respond from your end.

  171. Hi Ruchika. You have performed quite well. Though, there is still some room for improvement in the MS Excel Section. You can refer to the AMCAT Feedback report for the same. Now, actively start your job search using your score. See, every company has its recruitment process whenever there is a need. Therefore, keep a tab on the jobs you are eligible for. It is because of this reason, you must note that your AMCAT score is valid for a year. So that whenever you find a potential opportunity, you can apply.

    Now, coming to MNCs job requirement. While you are meeting the criteria for almost all the action but English and MS Excel performance can be improved. You can appear for a retake as well if you seek improvement. However, you will have to wait for 45 days. Therefore, for time being, patiently apply for your desired jobs.

  172. Hello Team my score are:
    English: 505(62 percentile).
    Quantitative: 740(98 percentile).
    Logical: 690(99 percentile).
    Computer Science: 660(99 percentile).
    Automata Fix: 29(34 percentile).
    is it good for interview calls?

  173. Hi Hitesh,

    It seems you have scored extremely well in some sections like Quantitative, Logical and Computer Science. However, there is an immense scope of improvement in the English and Automata fix section. We suggest you first go through the feedback report. A retake will be a great option because you have tremendous potential. Only some areas are to be worked on. While you are preparing, you can continue with your job search. If you get interview calls based on your sectional performance, then you can always go for it.