How Non-IT Job Profiles Are Important To Any Business Operation

How Non-IT Job Profiles Are Important To Any Business Operation


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All businesses, whether big or small, multinational or homegrown need to have a proper organizational structure to operate efficiently and effectively. The organizations with a proper hierarchical structure are divided into departments based on job profiles.

It’s nothing new, as we all know about some of the departments that exist within an organization.

Whether a company is selling, manufacturing or working as a market place, it needs all kinds of people working in technical as well as non-technical jobs.

More often than not, the contributions of the technical team in product development are considered more important than non-technical jobs. Which is nowhere near to be true!

Every employee, whether hired for technical or non-technical jobs equally contributes to the success of an organization.

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For instance – A great mobile phone is essentially developed by IT, R&D and tech teams. But what is it worth if there is no awareness about the product in the market? This is where marketing and sales teams add to the overall success of the company in the market.

In this blog, we will understand how different job profiles belong to distinguished departments contribute towards overall organizational success.


Human Resource

The human resource department is the heart of any organization. The HR job is related to dealing with people of the organization which involves ensuring that all the employees work towards the achievement of a common goal.

This is only possible when the HR department hires the right candidates with required skills, qualifications and experience for each job profile. They are responsible for calling the shots when it comes to wages, discipline, and training of employees.

In other words, the HR department is the powerhouse of each organization that runs people who run the organization.

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What good is a genius product if nobody knows about it? Well, it is to say that even the most iconic product needs marketing and promotion to find a place in the consumer’s life. This job profile includes developing, executing, and reviewing marketing plans and strategies to communicate with the target audience.

The goal of the department is to promote sales and accelerate the overall growth of the company. Simple to say – The iconic brand Apple also couldn’t stay away too long from marketing.



The sales department is the backbone of the organization. We know these are the people responsible for minting profits for the organization. In other words, the sales reps are the only ones that bring money back into the organization, while others only drain money.

For instance – Companies burn out a lot of cash because of research and development, marketing, promotion, and customer service. This naturally makes it a hard-to-secure non-technical job profile. The sales department works in sync with production, distribution, and marketing department to develop new and interesting ways to sell the product at profitable prices.



No matter how good the product is, it is doomed to fail without a distribution network. What good are advertising and promotions if the customer can never find the product at the departmental store?

So, the job profile of a distribution channel partner is related to ensuring that the product is delivered to the target customer at the right place, at the right time.

Sometimes, the mere availability of a product boosts sales, brand awareness and top-of-mind recognition amongst the customers. All thanks to the non-technical job of a distribution head or executive.


Accounting & Finance

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any organizations. A company cannot operate without money which is why funds handling must be done the right way. The accounting and finance departments of the organization overlook all cash related transactions by the means of auditing, planning and organizing funds. It is easy to say that if you can’t handle your money properly; you are doomed to lose control of the firm.





Now you must have understood the importance of non-technical jobs in a company. While we respect, appreciate and love what the IT department does, it is not the sole runner of the company.

Hence, all kinds of job profiles in a company must be treated equally when looking for a job. If you’re on a lookout for a non-technical job that also suits your interests, look no further. Log on to to scan through thousands of job opportunities for freshers and experienced candidates with varied interests.

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