How Should You Prepare For An Interview At Google?

How Should You Prepare For An Interview At Google?


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Getting a job offer at Google is no piece of cake. Owing to its high popularity, brilliant work environment, and amazing perks, Google is on top of the list for most job seekers.

While Google doesn’t really bother with your degree, how you conduct yourself during the interview at Google can set the ball rolling in the direction you want.

So, here are some tips to guide you on how to prepare for the interview at Google and ensure that you do manage to turn the interview invitation into a fulfilling job offer.



Know your resume

An important tip to prepare for an interview at Google is to actually know your resume well. You will be surprised by how many people forget to study their job resume before an important interview and leave things on chance.

To succeed at an interview at Google, you should be able to defend and add-on to your job resume, as and when required. You should be well aware of the places you worked at, the responsibilities you undertook and the projects you completed in college.

Having a thorough knowledge of your job resume will increase your chances of actually landing the job.



Be a problem solver

Google wants to hire people who can emerge as problem solvers. So, practice your problem-solving skills to be a part of the Google team.

When faced with a particularly tricky question, try and look at the steps you would take to arrive at any particular solution. Also, if you can come up with multiple solutions to a problem, then it would be all the better for you.

Even if you find yourself in the puddle and don’t know the answer to the question asked during the job interview, try to wiggle out a solution.

Ask questions and collect information that would help you approach the problem from a clearer perspective. And, if nothing helps then talk about the steps you are thinking out loud. Go back and forth on ideas to have a conversation around it.



Do not be scared of silences

Most people freak out when they are unable to answer a question as soon as it is asked. They get scared of the silences that are necessary to collect their thoughts and give the correct answer.

So, accept that being silent for some parts during the job interview is perfectly fine.

When faced with a complex question learn to take a step back and analyze it. Then look at the possible outcomes and frame your answer accordingly. If you are smart with your answers and use the silences judicially, then the interviewer would welcome them too.

Also, the best way to succeed in the interview with Google is to keep practicing. The more you practice, the better you will be at the whole thing.



Focus on all aspects of the job interview

Google is infamous for asking tricky interview questions and teasing the candidates with brain teasers. As such, many people just take this aspect of interview preparation into consideration and focus more on it, leaving other topics uncovered.

However, to succeed in the interview at Google, you need to not just prepare for the tricky interview question but also know your subject well.

Also, you need to impress on the interviewer that you are someone accepting of ideas and differences and can do well in an environment known to host diversity.



Practice conversation

An important interview tip you need to keep in mind to prepare for your interview at Google is to know how to build a conversation.

When you are applying for a technical position the job interview will obviously be centered around the subject and the questions will be asked from it.

However, with the non-technical interview, things get a little more complicated as you need to engage the interviewer.

Non-technical interviews are often structured in such a way that you can chat up and get to know each other more. Also, non-technical interviews primarily focus on how you conduct yourself through the interview process.

How you enter the interview, your handshake, whether you smile at appropriate times or not; all this adds to your performance during the job interview. So, you need to ensure that your body language is spot on with mock interview test applications like Mock-AI.

Mock-AI can immensely help you prepare better for the interview process. And its detailed feedback report can help you know your strengths and weaknesses, while the study material provided at the end can allow you to fortify your Google interview preparation.



Know what to wear

Google doesn’t have a very rigid dress code. However, that doesn’t mean you should take dressing up too casually. The best way to know what to wear for the interview at Google would be to get in touch with the recruiter and ask for their opinion of what is expected of you.

Once you know what you are going to wear, keep those clothes aside, and wash and iron them.

Everything from your clothes to your shoes to your hair should be in top condition. Also, hide any tattoos or any such thing that might be deemed unprofessional by the employer.



Know the common interview questions

When preparing for an interview at Google, just search for “commonly asked interview questions” and not down at least 20 questions. Now write two to three different answers for each question and practice it well before the job interview.

The questions that you are most likely to be asked during a Google interview is – “Why do you want to work for Google?” or “Why do you think you are a good fit for the role?”

And, remember to illustrate your answer with stories and examples. Stories and examples really sit well with interviewers and make you come across as an engaging, confident candidate.



Know how the company earns

Whether you are applying for a tech position or looking to be a part of the sales team or any other opportunity, you need to be aware of how the company generates revenue and how you would be contributing to it. So, try and understand the business model behind the workings of Google before you sit for the interview.

It is very important to do your homework and see where the company is heading and what you can bring to the table to aid it in its progress.

If you don’t see yourself as an asset that Google would want to invest in, then you would be unable to sell yourself as the perfect candidate for the position.



Prepare questions for the end of the job interview

Asking questions at the end of the job interview is really important and highly recommended by Google’s hiring managers.

Asking questions can help build a conversation and allow you to connect with the interviewer. It will also show curiosity and how you are eager about the opportunity.

So, apart from these questions that you should ask at the end of the job interview, you can also ask the interviewer about their experience at Google. Also, you can consult them on what you can expect from the job and if they have got any tips for you.



Getting a job at Google can be a life-altering event. However, the journey to this job requires you to focus on creating an impeccable job resume and leaving no stone unturned to excel at the interview process. So, start preparing for the interview at Google well in advance and remember to ‘be yourself’ to make the best impact.


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