10 Amazing Companies That Are Hiring in 2019

10 Amazing Companies That Are Hiring in 2019


companies that are hiring in 2019

If you are a final year college student, then your focus around this time must be shortlisting top companies that are hiring in 2019 and bagging your first job that will complement your education.

However, while you might be gearing up to embark on an extensive job search, it is always good to have some information in hand about what to expect and which are the companies that are hiring candidates of your caliber.

Some really lucrative jobs are on offer through AMCAT right now, making it a good time to give the exam. Having a good amcat score in hand right now can help align job interviews with some really fascinating companies.

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And, that is exactly why we decided to bring you this blog on the list of top companies that are hiring in 2019 through AMCAT. So, dig in…


1. Extramarks Education Pvt. Ltd.  

Extramarks Education Pvt. Ltd. focuses on transforming the face of learning and makes it easier for the students involved. Its learning app has garnered a lot of rave reviews and is highly popular among students in both India and abroad.

Coaching centres, premium schools, all are leaning on Extramarks to provide quality education to their students and make learning fun. Extramarks Education Pvt. Ltd. has also received a lot of positive reviews for sporting an encouraging work environment.

Job Profile: Business Development Executive

Education: Any graduate

Salary: 3 – 8 LPA

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2. Great Learning

It all started in 2013 when Great Learning decided to take increase the level of education being provided in the country. Since its inception, Great Learning saw a lot of highs and rapidly grew to be a strong, driven company. With a network of over 500 expert faculty and mentors, Great Learning has consistently delivered high quality learning through different programs.

Great Learning has a lot to offer to freshers and consistently pushes them to perform better. There is no stoic hierarchy in Great Learning that you need to worry yourself with.

Job Profile: Learning Consultant

Education: Any graduate

Salary: 5 LPA

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3. iEnergizer

Dedicated strongly to delivering the performance which supports, advocates and encourages a client’s brand, iEnergizer is one of the leading Business Process Outsourcing providers in the market.

iEnergizer works to help its partners support, acquire, retain and grow with the market and provides all the necessary support required to achieve this end. From sales, to technical support to back-office services, iEnergizer has its roots everywhere.

Job Profile: Customer Service Executive

Education: Any graduate

Salary: 3.84 – 5.08 LPA

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4. Talenkart Technologies

Another one of the exciting companies that are hiring in 2019, Talenkart is a great place for Sales Executives to find their footing. With a B2B marketplace platform, Talenkart acts as a great platform for clients to hire candidates.

Talenkart has an engaging, encouraging, fast-paced work environment that is driven to deliver the best in a time-bound environment. It encourages new ideas and guides freshers to take up different responsibilities.

Job Profile: Sales Executive

Education: Any graduate

Salary: 3 – 6 LPA

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5. Cyrus Group

Cyrus Group is another of the sought after companies that are hiring in 2019 and for good reason. It has a lot of interesting things in its plate, including a radio platform that hosts a variety of content. A radio with serious content, Cyrus Group’s radio platform talks on topics like the Vedas, history, patriotism and freedom fighters. It also focuses on bringing interesting facts about Hinduism and how it has contributed to the world.

Since its inception in 2004, Cyrus Group has maintained a curtained quality of its product and has spread its wings across continents.

Job Profile: Associate Marketing Manager

Education: B.A, B.Sc, B.Tech/B.E, BBA, BCA, MBA

Salary: 6.6 LPA

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6. Scapic Innovations Private Limited

If you want to learn and grow as a Digital Marketing Manager, then you should look no further for companies that are hiring in 2019 and opt for this brilliant opportunity.

Scapic Innovations Private Limited wants someone who will understand the needs and demands of the digital media through and through and come up with exciting plans to help the company strengthen its digital footprints.

Scapic Innovations has a lot of interesting things on its plate currently and is trying its hands in Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Job Profile: Digital Marketing Manager

Education: BJMC, MBA, P.G.D.B.A, P.G.D.B.M

Salary: 3 – 10 LPA

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7. Edureka

Since its inception in 2011, Edureka has grown in leaps and bounds and is currently one of the most sought after companies that are hiring in 2019. With a never-say-die attitude and a willingness to learn and grow as a team, Edureka has come really far in a short time.

As this moment, Edureka can successfully boast of having around 4,00,000 students across 150 countries in its fold, who have attended its courses. And, while Edureka is fast becoming a household name, it wants someone who would retain and bring in new customers.

With an encouraging and ever-growing work environment, Edureka is a great place to start your career in.

Job Profile: Associate Inside Sales Manager

Education: Any graduate

Salary: 4.5 – 5.75 LPA

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8. Digifish Media Pvt. Ltd.

Whichever job you might be seeking, Digifish might be your ultimate answer to the top amazing companies that are hiring in 2019. With its insightful digital outreach, Digifish is a powerhouse of talent, with a very dynamic team.

Digifish know how to market a brand and target the right audience to create a loyal consumer base. It works tirelessly to get brands the recognition needed for them to grow. It engages people on almost all social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and has a wide means of promotions.

Job Profile: Content Writer, Graphic Designer, Client Servicing and Social Media Manager

Education: B.Tech/B.E

Salary: 2.75 – 4 LPA

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9. Beatroot Technologies

With the goal to turn the client’s vision into business results, Beatroot Technologies is one of the top companies that are hiring in 2019. Sticking true to their endeavour to provide the “design, build and operate” elements to a business, Beatroot has grown a lot since its inception.

Focusing on their goal to provide quality in a very cost-effective manner, Beatroot Technologies focuses on the growth of its employees as well as the clients. With a tough, learning based environment, Beatroot Technologies might be the perfect place to start a fresh career.

Job Profile: Business Developer Executive

Education: B.A, B.Com, B.Sc.(Hons), B.Tech/B.E, BCA

Salary: 3.6 LPA

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10. Lightogram

Lightogram works with the goal to make the society a lighter, more colourful and happier place. With a lot of projects under its kitty, Lightogram is one of the fastest growing start-ups.

Since it has a very new and fresh work environment, Lightogram can be a great place to learn, earn and take on multiple opportunities and basically be the jack of all trades.

Job Profile: Sales Executive

Education: Any graduate

Salary: 1.8 LPA

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So, these are the top 10 companies that are hiring in 2019 through AMCAT. To apply for these jobs, just schedule your AMCAT test and start applying after you get the result.  And, don’t forget to update us on your successful endeavour.

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