How Not To Sign An Email: Workplace Tips

How Not To Sign An Email: Workplace Tips

There is always a wrong and right way to sign your emails. You cannot be too casual or too formal in a work environment. Know how not to sign an email.

Workplace tips for you.
Workplace tips for you.
Workplace tips for you.
Workplace tips for you.

In the previous article, we talked about how best to sign an email. However, just knowing how to sign is not enough. You should also know how not to sign email and avoid making stupid and possibly career destroying mistakes. So, here are some workplace tips to help you on.

Thx or Rgrds

Thx, thanx or rgrds sound very insincere and make you sound like a teenager just discovering the cool school lingo. Don’t use such words to sign off your email, not ever.


It is great to be all loving and spreading the divine message of love. But signing your emails with “Love” is taking things a bit too far. Send love to your close friends or family or partner, but don’t send “love” or worse still XOXO to your colleagues and boss.

Yours truly

Unless and until you are writing a love letter and trying to woo your beloved, your truly should stay out of your emails. It is a big no, no and you should not use it when sending a formal email. You should not use it when you are sending an informal email. You should not use when sending an email to your friends.

Moral: You should never use it when signing an email.

Looking forward to hearing from you

This sounds nice and pleasant, even polite if you look at it. However, on close examination, it comes out as passively-aggressive telling the recipient that he/she should better reply to your email. You don’t want to make that kind of an impression when sending a work email.

Nothing or your name or initial

Emails are used extensively in offices. An email containing no sign or just your name and initial will appear rude and impersonal. When sending an official mail or work related mail, you will have to maintain a fine balance between personal yet formal. Writing nothing at all will make increase the chances of you never hearing back, and writing just your name will make you appear detached.

Now that you are armed with some great workplace tips on how to not sign an email and how to sign one, you can use these to make a good start in your first job. And if you have the knowledge but no job to apply it to then you checkout the leading job portals and find fresher jobs or jobs in Bangalore or your choice.