Production Assistant

Production Assistant


A production assistant in the Media and Entertainment industry is responsible for providing support on all production activities. The activities may include logistics, co-ordination, budgeting and preparing documents. The individual must understand the basics of production techniques and have some background in film making. He/she should have good communication skills and be willing to assist for any task in the department. Being an entry level position, the nature of the activities is basically assistive.


Job Role and Responsibilities

The role of a Production Assistant may vary significantly depending on the budget and size of the project. He/she will contribute to a wide range of activities like coordination, preparing schedules, site recce and assisting the Script Writer, Director and Producer. The primary role and responsibilities of a Production Assistant include:

  1. Managing the production schedule and coordinating day-to-activities of the team.
  2. Coordinate transportation and logistics requirements.
  3. Manage inventory and effectively liaison with all vendors.
  4. Track completion of activities as per the production schedule and alert for any delays.
  5. Support supervisors on several pre and post production activities upon request.


Competencies and Skills Required

  1. Must possess good communication skills
  2. Must have good planning and organizational skills.
  3. Basic understanding of the film production process.
  4. Must have basic know-how of operating the production equipment.
  5. Must be willing to travel and work for long/irregular hours.
  6. Must be punctual and dependable.
  7. Must be well organized and highly flexible

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