Software Developer (Lateral)

Software Developer (Lateral)


With high demand and strong salary potential, a software developer enjoys one of the most coveted and fastest-growing careers in the booming IT industry of India. Software developers are hired by a variety of sectors to design, implement and manage computer system.

Software Developer (Lateral)
Software Developer (Lateral)
The Job Role and Responsibilities

Depending on the company requirement and profile, a software developer is responsible for designing, constructing, integrating, testing, verifying and maintenance of computer systems in an organization.

Some job roles and responsibilities of the Software Developer would include:

  1. Software Design
    • Designing an efficient and optimized software, detailing technical description and ensuring it meets client’s/company’s requirements
  2. Software Development
    • Developing software according to functional and technical definitions and writing a clean and bug-free code in the required language
  3. Debugging and testing
    • Testing the code in various environments using different test cases and debugging
    • Troubleshooting problems faced by users and providing support
Competencies and Skills Required

Depending on his/ her expertise and experience, a software developer can be required to work in a particular programming language and sector. Given the fact that most companies expect experienced software developers to have the necessary training and coding experience to join the project immediately, it is a given that strong coding skills and domain sector knowledge are a prerequisite for hiring any software developer. Hands-on coding experience and expertise is an important deciding factor for hiring. Companies also assess candidates on their analytical and quantitative skills to understand the true potential of a candidate who might have to write complex programs and synthesize a large amount of data, make flowcharts etc. Some skills and competencies that recruiters look for in a candidate are:

  1. Excellent coding skills
  2. Analytical and problem-solving skills
  3. Strong quantitative skills
  4. Communication skills
Assessment for the ‘Right’ Software Developer

The following table illustrates how various skills and personality traits map to assessments required for the Software Developer role:

Software Developer Profile SkillsAMCAT Mapping
Excellent Coding skills Automata * (Automated Computer Programming assessment) – Mid to High
AMCAT Computer Programming – Mid to High
Strong analytical skills Logical Ability: High
Quantitative Ability: Mid to High
Ability to comprehend and process data English: Mid to High
Logical Ability: Mid to High

*Available in various languages like C, Java etc

Helpful Trivia

Programming skills have always been evaluated for recruiting any software developer. Traditionally recruiters would ask candidates to write a piece of code and evaluate it manually, however, with advances in assessment technology, it is possible to assess the coding skills of a candidate through standardized automated assessments. These assessments require a candidate to write codes in a simulated assessment environment and they have evaluated the basis of their correctness of code, the efficiency of code, use of good programming practices etc. Using an automated and objective simulated programming evaluation tool, along with an assessment of cognitive skills improves hiring efficiency and yields a higher interview conversion ratio. Study 1 done a large IT product company for hiring experienced IT professionals showed that Automata® Pro (Aspiring Minds- Now SHL advanced simulated programming assessment) when used along with AMCAT Aptitude and Computer Programming Principles module was able to differentiate the candidates on their programming skills and bucket them in different quartiles. Automata®Pro scores showed a strong correlation to the selection of candidates and lead to high interview conversion percentage thus improving recruitment efficiency.

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