Mobile Application Developer

Mobile Application Developer


Mobile application development is rapidly growing and has become a billion-dollar industry. India is the third fastest growing app market in the world. As companies strive hard to capture the attention of users through innovative and useful applications, the demand for quality mobile app developers has also increased tremendously.

Mobile Application Developer
Mobile Application Developer
The Job Role and Responsibilities

A mobile application developer is expected to design and develop applications that are useful, innovative and user friendly. Some companies might ask freshers to work on specific languages and concepts to build an application-specific to their requirements. While other companies might want developers to come up with creative ideas for apps, that could capture users’ interest. Depending on the organization’s requirements, a mobile application developer would have all or some of the following responsibilities:

  1. Understanding customer needs and translating that into the mobile application framework.
  2. Designing mobile application based on best practices and requirements.
  3. Working on different mobile platforms and developing the application in collaboration with other team members.
  4. Testing the application and providing support.
  5. Documenting project plan, technical specifications and approach.
Competencies and Skills Required

Strong technical skills and analytical skills are most important for a mobile application developer role. They are also required to do a lot of market and technology research to come up with innovative and user-friendly applications. Communication skills also become important when the developer has to interact with clients to understand requirements and explain the approach. Some skills and competencies that employers look for are:

Apart from communication skills, good interpersonal skills coupled with a thorough understanding of product, market and customer, are must-have skills for a corporate sales executive. Broadly speaking, most recruiters would look for the following competencies when hiring a person responsible to do corporate sales:

  1. Analytical skills.
  2. Ability to comprehend and process research data.
  3. Communication and presentation skills.
  4. Ability to work in a team as well as an individual.
  5. Technical expertise in mobile application development.
Assessment for the ‘Right’ Mobile Application Developer
Mobile Application Developer ProfileAMCAT Mapping
Strong analytical skillsLogical Ability: High
Quantitative Ability: Mid
Ability to comprehend and process dataEnglish: Mid to High
Logical Ability: Mid to High
Technical expertise in mobile application developmentComputer Programming: Mid to High
Mobility Domain Knowledge: Mid to High


Helpful Trivia

Getting quality developers is becoming increasingly challenging for companies. Globally recruiters use assessments on cognitive ability and domain knowledge to assess and developers. Aspiring Minds (Now SHL) Research Cell has shown that cognitive skills combined with domain knowledge of Mobility and Programming are very important for being a successful mobile application developer. Benchmarking studies done on a team of mobile application developers showed that candidates scoring high on Logical Ability and domain tests tend to perform better as compared to other candidates. Standardized assessment on Cognitive skills and domain test on Mobility and Programming when used at the time of recruitment can help companies increase their high performing developers by up to 21%.

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