Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Manager

Data Scientist
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Human resource management is an important part of any organization, whether large or small. Human resources manager develop, suggest and execute policies and decisions relating to the personnel within an organization. They ensure that the organization has the right staff balance in terms of experience and skills, training and development needs of employees are met with an overall seeing that the employer’s business aims are met with.

Human Resource Manager
Human Resource Manager
The Job Role and Responsibilities

Depending on the profile and size of the organization, an HR manager can be involved in different activities required by organizations including areas such as HR operations, staffing, working practices, conditions of employment, compensation & benefits etc. Commonly, an entry-level HR Manager can be working in any of the following roles:

  1. HR Operations: Focuses on overall organization development, developing HR systems and policies, quality management, strategy design and development.
  2. Staffing/ Recruitment: Develops and executes recruitment plans which starts from preparing job descriptions, to sourcing suitable candidates, coordinating interviews and selection and record-keeping.
  3. Business HR: Leads and manages the people management related agenda for specific businesses, includes leading change management projects, managing HR related internal and external communication, and preparing development plans for high potential employees.
  4. Compensation & Benefits: Looks after pay structure of employees including salary levels, incentives, commission structures and benefits packages.
Competencies and Skills Required

Human Resources management is all about effective communication and people skills. HR Managers have to deal with a variety of people within and outside the organization, negotiate and create a win-win situation for everybody. Some qualities that recruiters look for in an HR Manager include:

  1. Good communication skills.
  2. Problem-solving skills.
  3. Understanding of business and its needs.
  4. Excellent interpersonal skills and personal effectiveness.
  5. Overall project management skills.
Assessment for the ‘Right’ HR Manager
HR Manager ProfileAMCAT Mapping
Communication SkillsEnglish – High
Problem-Solving skillsLogical Ability – Mid
Understanding business and its needsHR Domain Knowledge – Mid
HR Situation Judgment Test – Mid
Interpersonal SkillsAgreeableness (Personality) – Mid to High
Extraversion (Personality) – Mid
Project Management SkillsHR Situational Judgment Test – Mid to High
Assessments Correlation to Performance

Globally standardized assessments on aptitude, domain knowledge and personality are used at the time of hiring to select high performers. Aspiring Minds’ (Now SHL)benchmarking study on HR Managers at a large IT company shows that personality and HR Situation Judgment Tests show a high correlation to success within the organization. Using the right mix of assessments and benchmarks, companies can select high performing HR managers in an objective and standardized manner, while reducing the number of bad hires by as much as 47%.

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