Petrochemical Engineer

Petrochemical Engineer


A petrochemical engineer is involved in designing means and mechanisms for excavating and digging up crude oil and gas from the earth. A petrochemical engineer’s role includes a lot of involvement in chemical engineering phenomena like heat transfer, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics etc.

Petrochemical Engineer
Petrochemical Engineer
The Job Role and Responsibilities

Some roles and responsibilities of a petrochemical engineer include:

  1. Developing Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams.
  2. Construct and maintain data sheets for new improvement schemes.
  3. Conduct Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) for all existing and newly introduced schemes.
  4. Ensure appropriate cost-benefit analysis and trend analysis of projects.
  5. Offer assistance in obtaining various sorts of statutory approvals for the project
Competencies and Skills Required
  1. Efficient and effective project management skills.
  2. Hands-on experience in various processes involved in the project operation including distillation, hydrotreating /hydrocracking, catalytic conversion processes, product treating units etc.
  3. Strong organizational skills to manage multiple/concurrent projects.
Assessment for the ‘Right’ Petrochemical Engineer
Petrochemical Engineer Profile SkillsAMCAT Mapping
Knowledge about petroleum refiningDomain knowledge: High
Communication SkillsEnglish: Low to Mid
Organizational SkillsConscientiousness: High
Project management skillsLogical Ability: High

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