Minimum AMCAT Score You Need For A Good Job

Minimum AMCAT Score You Need For A Good Job


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So, you have already given the AMCAT exam and are now wondering whether your AMCAT score is good enough or not. You might feel the need to consult your seniors or the internet to figure out what kind of opportunities your score can get you and what is the minimum AMCAT score required to get a good job.

If you are dogged by these queries, then worry not, for you are not alone.

With so many people opting for the AMCAT exam on a monthly basis, the competition is obviously high. As such, an okayish score, though it can get you a job, is not always enough to attract the recruiters you want and get you your dream job.

That is why today we are going to try and decide what is an ideal AMCAT score and how companies judge you on the basis of it.

Minimum AMCAT score for a good job

The AMCAT exam scores you on the basis of your skillset and brings you closer to your dream job. There are five compulsory modules for the AMCAT exam (six, if you are an MBA student). Apart from that, there are the subject modules that you need to ace in.

As for your subject module, it goes without saying that you need to score at least 550/900 or above for it to be considered a decent score. So, that minimum AMCAT score, in this case, would be somewhere around 700.

However, the required AMCAT score for the different modules completely depends on the job profile you are applying for and the requirement of the recruiter.


The minimum AMCAT score for this would be

For Engineers – Above 450

For Graduates – Above 500

For MBAs – Above 550

Quantitative Aptitude

The minimum AMCAT score would be

For Engineers – Above 500

For Graduates – Above 500

For MBAs – Above 500


Logical Reasoning

The minimum AMCAT score would be

For Engineers – Above 450

For Graduates – Above 400

For MBAs – Above 425

Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory

The minimum AMCAT score, in this case, would be

For Engineers – Above 550

For Graduates – Above 400

For MBAs – Above 550

Understanding the ideal or the minimum score break up

The ideal or minimum score for different modules depends on the company and profile. Like for a tech-driven role, the focus is mainly on your domain knowledge, quantitative aptitude, and logical reasoning.

Similarly, for a Business Analyst job, the focus is primarily on English, logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude.

If you are applying for a writing job, the focus would be on English and quantitative aptitude.

However, while how much you score in these modules matters a lot and holds a lot of value, sometimes the companies conduct additional tests to shortlist a candidate.

Automata is one such test conducted by companies to test the candidates coding skills.

While the AMCAT exam is more theoretical, Automata is more practical in its application and gives the recruiters a fair ideal of the candidate’s actual skill set and how it will transform in the job.

Similarly, many recruiters also go for Svar to test a candidate’s communication skills. Great communication skills are a must for every job, especially if that job involves interacting with people on a near-daily basis.

Is your score good enough to get you the attention you want?

If you have already given the AMCAT exam but are not getting shortlisted even though it has been some time (note that sometimes it might take a month before candidates start getting interview calls), then you should look at renewing your AMCAT score.

You can do so by reappearing for the AMCAT exam and this time going in with more preparation and determination.

If you have been getting interview calls and even have a job offer in hand but are not satisfied and still looking for jobs then your AMCAT score is good to go.

However, if you are nearing the one year mark, then you might want to renew your AMCAT subscription to continue with your current score and keep applying for newer opportunities.

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By now you must have got a fair idea of what the minimum AMCAT score is that can get you the attention of the recruiters. However, do keep it in mind that while a good score is no guarantee of a great job, a bad score doesn’t say you will go jobless either.


  1. Do you provide any short crash course in field of purchase imports to non technical candidate. If so what’s is your terms I have hand on experience of 35 years in this field.

  2. how many marks or the percentage to be scored in amcat by a mechanical graduate to get a core job in reputed companies

  3. Hi does only amcat score is enough for getting job or academic percentage is also needed for attending interviews through amcat provided interview call up ?
    I have less then 60 percentage and I’m 2019 BE pass out
    Please do reach out on this soon

  4. Hi Charan,
    Yes, your AMCAT score will be enough to help you get a job. However, make sure you are scoring really well in the exam.
    We have had candidates who scored less in college, had a back or couldn’t sit for campus placements due to poor score in boards. But all of them got a job through AMCAT. So, hold on and keep scoring well.
    All the best!