How To Speed Up Your AMCAT Preparation Without Skipping Anything

How To Speed Up Your AMCAT Preparation Without Skipping Anything


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Taking an AMCAT exam certainly opens up hundreds of doors for you when it comes to your career. But sometimes it is at a much later stage when you realize this and you need to take it up without much time left for your AMCAT preparation.

There could be other reasons why you are running behind on your AMCAT preparation. But fortunately, you can still work on it by following a strict schedule and practical tips.

Here’s how you can speed it up and still score a perfect AMCAT score to lift up your job opportunities:


Make the most of your first reading

Revising your topic twice helps you in retaining what you have read earlier. But when there’s a shortage of time, you cannot go through the entire set of topics more than once. So, it is better to remember it beforehand rather than being left with no option later.

While you are at your first reading of any given topic, highlight the important parts with colored pens or available highlighters. If possible, make notes. When you are done with your entire curriculum, you can just pick up the important stuff from each topic or unit to make a revision.

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Follow the units suggested by AMCAT

The AMCAT exam is designed to judge the caliber and knowledge bank of the candidate. But at the same time, it is understood that any given discipline is expansive and can’t be prepared without an outline of the topics.

So, a syllabus is provided to students to prepare for their AMCAT exam.

While preparing additional topics can be useful in relating the concepts, it needs a lot of time to do so. If you want to speed up your preparation, just remain within the parameters of the syllabus prescribed and it should be enough to get a good AMCAT score.


Solve sample questions

There are so many topics for time-consuming units like mathematics and reasoning. It is pretty much impossible to practice all accessible sums.

And if you are short on time, you can’t afford to keep doing a particular topic and leave out the rest due to lack of time.

To cut on the risk and speed up your AMCAT preparation, take help of sample questions. Just practice a few sample questions for each unit and you should be good to go.

Smart preparation is much more helpful in scoring high than an unplanned extensive preparation.


Prep AMCAT for AMCAT Preparation

No preparation is complete before you can convince yourself about the same. And it is pretty much difficult to do so.

A sample test is great to boost up your confidence level.

Keeping that in mind, AMCAT offers an official Prep AMCAT test with similar questions to help you prepare for the real scenario. It also helps you identify topics that you might have missed to prepare, hence making sure you don’t skip anything.

In fact, you can get an entire package by registering for AMCAT Premium. It not only helps you prepare well for your AMCAT exam, but also aids in building a great resume, and prepares you for your job interview.

So, you aren’t just preparing for the test, but making it a point that your career takes off in the right direction with a respectable and high-paying job on the table.



AMCAT preparation isn’t rocket science but needs a well sorted plan and perseverance to follow a timetable. No matter how many days you have left, you can still score high if you do the planning part well and execute it sincerely