How much does the AMCAT cost?

How much does the AMCAT cost?


cost of amcat testTo provide an answer to the most frequently asked question, how much does the AMCAT test cost? AMCAT costs slightly over Rs. 900 (Rs. 900 + tax to be precise!)

AMCAT Annual Subscription that costs Rs.900+ taxes includes 1 scheduled attempt to AMCAT and 1 year subscription to all AMCAT privileges including:-

  • AMCAT Certificates (recognized by 2000+ companies )that you can showcase on LinkedIn
  • Job recommendations
  • Employability enhancement benefits

If you opt for additional 1 year subscription, you save 25% and get an additional 1 year subscription to all AMCAT privileges.

Even better, if you take 2 year subscription where you not only save 37% but also get an additional 2 year subscription to all AMCAT privileges.

AMCAT is a platform which brings the job seekers and employers together providing wonderful opportunities to the freshers as well as experienced candidates. Since inception, more than 2 million students have successfully taken the AMCAT with more than 1.5 lakh interview calls per month. To book your seat click here.


  1. Sir I came from very poor family so I m unable to pay 700 can you please give me some discount

  2. Dear Gaurav,

    That is an old pricing for the AMCAT test. A standard test now costs Rs 900, taxes extra. However, we do keep running promotional offers and discounts on the tests. We would recommend you to keep following the website and the blog for the same.