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Sr. PHP developer

Value Research India Pvt. Ltd

Noida ₹ 8 LPA APPLY

International Sales Specialist - US Shift


Bengaluru ₹ 7.3 LPA APPLY

Key Account Manager Sales

Excellent Publicity

Bengaluru,... ₹ 6 LPA APPLY

Full stack developers

Successive Digital

Noida ₹ 5.5 LPA APPLY

Back End Developer

Techvaria Solutions Pvt Ltd

Bengaluru ₹ 5.5 LPA APPLY

UI Developers

Techvaria Solutions Pvt Ltd

Bengaluru ₹ 5.5 LPA APPLY

Dot Net associate

CrimsonLogic India pvt Ltd

Bengaluru ₹ 5 LPA APPLY

FI Relationship manager

Change Lab

New Delhi ₹ 4.9 LPA APPLY

Software Developer

O2B Technologies

Noida ₹ 3 LPA APPLY

Associate Software Engineer


New Delhi ₹ 3 LPA APPLY

Admission Counsellor


Bengaluru,... ₹ 9 LPA APPLY

.Net developer


Ahmedabad ₹ 8.4 LPA APPLY

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AMCAT Success Stories

I will recommend AMCAT to everyone because it has companies with great profiles and higher packages.

Pranjhi Singh

Hired by Successive Digital

I will recommend AMCAT to everyone, especially because of its great services.

Radhika Sahu

Hired by Act21 Software Private Limited

AMCAT scores have a great reputation in the eyes of hiring managers, hence taking AMCAT is highly recommended.

Akash Sharma

Hired by SHL India

Taking AMCAT is one of the best decisions I ever made.

Prateek Pandey

Hired by Everest Group Pvt. Ltd.

I will recommend AMCAT to everyone because it helps in getting great job opportunities.

Piyush Joshi

Hired by ixigo

AMCAT is one of the best platforms that can provide solutions to all your professional problems

Akash De

Hired by Rupeek Fintech Pvt. Ltd.

I decided to opt for AMCAT because being a fresher, one needs to explore the most before entering the corporate world.

Abhishek Kumar Reddy

Hired by Techsophy

AMCAT shared numerous job opportunities and helped me in appearing for multiple interviews

A Pranay Vardhan

Hired by Stratistics MRC Pvt. Ltd.

The best decision I made was to take the AMCAT exam

Khushboo Gagodia

Hired by Rupeek Fintech Pvt. Ltd.

Good AMCAT score helps you stand out from your peers, thereby opening doors to apply to various reputed companies.

Diksha Arya

Hired by On-Graph Technologies

AMCAT Helped Me In Making The Best Career Decision

Harshit Garg

Hired by SHL

AMCAT brought me closer to this job opportunity

Shipra Goswami

Hired by Restolabs

Your chances of landing a job can be improved by taking the AMCAT test

Rajat Jain

Hired by Navisite

Choosing the best career path is something AMCAT can help you with

Suraj Anant Parab

Hired by Navisite

Your chances of getting a job can be increased by taking the AMCAT test.

Divya Janga

Hired by Testpress

I will recommend AMCAT to those who are facing challenges in getting a job!

Utkarsh Maurya

Hired by Bellurbis Technologies

AMCAT is the best platform for people who possess the right skills-set!

Shivam Ambadkar

Hired by Rupeek Fintech Pvt. Ltd.

I will recommend AMCAT to all those candidates who are facing difficulty in finding a job!

Raghav Vinayak Patil

Hired by Navisite

I will recommend AMCAT to all those candidates who are facing difficulty in finding a job!

Nakula Sai Satish

Hired by Integra solutions

AMCAT was one of the best decisions I ever made!

Lokesh Deshwal

Hired by SHL India

I chose to opt for AMCAT because being a fresher, one should explore all possible options before stepping into the corporate world

Pratik Rahangdale

Hired by Rupeek Fintech Pvt. Ltd.

By clearing the AMCAT exam, one can increase their job prospects!

Ayush Abhishek

Hired by NovelVox

Taking AMCAT was one of the best decisions, hence it is highly recommended

Shubham Kumar

Hired by SHL India

AMCAT is one of the best solutions to all your professional problems

Gaurav Khare

Hired by Navisite

Taking the AMCAT exam was one of the best career decisions I've ever made

Divya Nagwanshi

Hired by Quantela

I will recommend AMCAT to anyone because it assists in getting best employment opportunities

Avirbhav Kumar Singh

Hired by SHL

You can increase your job prospects by giving AMCAT exam!

Kari Raja Venkata

Hired by Zensar Technologies

By taking the AMCAT exam, you can improve your job prospects

Lakshmi Prasanna

Hired by Zemoso Technologies

One of the best career decisions I've ever made was appearing for the AMCAT exam

Aayushi Gupta

Hired by SHL

AMCAT exam makes it easier to find a suitable job

Aniket Kumar

Hired by OnGraph Technologies

If you are looking for opportunities in IT sector then AMCAT is the best available option

Md Sameer

Hired by Zensar Technologies

Taking AMCAT was one of the best career choices I've ever made

Shivangi Singh

Hired by SHL

I will recommend AMCAT to anyone who is struggling to achieve their dream job.

Bheemireddy Vamsi

Hired by Zemoso

I decided to opt for AMCAT to get a chance of getting placed in companies, by showcasing my skills.

C Jyotheesh

Hired by Aurigo software Solutions

I will recommend AMCAT to everyone, since it is the best solution for job search.

Akshita Srivastava

Hired by SHL

AMCAT exam turned my job search struggle into a cakewalk.

Badiga Srinivas

Hired by [24]

In the time when I had lost hope AMCAT came to my rescue. Getting this job, would not have been possible otherwise.

Rachit Kapoor

Hired by Loyalty Juggernaut

I will recommend AMCAT to all those candidates who are facing difficulty in finding a job of their interest.

Viram Jain

Hired by Zemoso Technologies

AMCAT Helped Me In Recognizing Suitable Job Opportunities From My Field Of Interest.

Sunil Sudhakar Chaudhari

Hired by SHL

I decided to opt for AMCAT because being a fresher, this platform offered me the best opportunity.

Ajeet Shakya

Hired by Bridgesoft Solutions

I opted for AMCAT because, with my scores I got to apply in many reputed companies.

Sahil Gandhe

Hired by Bridgesoft Solutions

AMCAT helped in transformation from NCC Cadet to Business Intelligence Engineer.

Manish Choubey

Hired by SHL

Pandemic situation took a toll. AMCAT helped me attuning myself to virtual shift. I finally got a job in my desired role.

Vishal Kumar

Hired by Glorious Insight

I will definitely recommend AMCAT to my peers. If someone belongs to a tier-3 college, then this is the standard platform to latch.

Rajat Jhalani

Hired by Xenonstack

AMCAT worked quite well for me. I, therefore, would surely share it with those who are seeking the right source for job opportunities.

Vishwas Bhat

Hired by J&S Management

The feedback report is a transforming medium for aspirants like us. Therefore, recommend it to all my peers who are struggling on this front.


Hired by Verzo

I would appreciate how the AMCAT provides an exhaustive list of decent to high paying job opportunities. This is the kind of assistance every fresher look for.

Vitesh Khurana

Hired by Xenonstack Ltd.

I would say that my overall experience was smooth sailing. I appreciate the AMCAT interface and transparent assistance.

Prashant Pandey

Hired by OnGraph Technologies

I can vouch for AMCAT as a fully secured platform that listing only trusted and reputed companies to apply for. 

Krati Gupta

Hired by Computer Ware India

The AMCAT feedback report turned out to be a great medium for me to analyze my weakness.

Tushar Gupta

Hired by Xenonstack

I'd say, Amcat is a very good platform for freshers. If anyone is facing difficulty in getting a job he/she must give a try to the AMCAT exam without a second thought.

Chanakya Umrao

Hired by Successive Technologies

I would recommend AMCAT to all my peers looking for a job. It has phenomenally helped me.

Daksh Tevathia

Hired by Know Cross

There is no hassle during job search process. It rather offers unceasing assistance throughout every stage.

Aditi Sharma

Hired by Fretron

AMCAT feedback report significantly helped me. I could see my pros and cons. It helped me demarcate my performance and where it stands.

Muzammil Shaikh

Hired by K12 Techno Services

I feel, if you score well in this assessment, then you stand a good chance to get placed with lucrative job opportunities right after graduating.

Ganesh Tapkeer

Hired by Accops System

AMCAT exam lived up to its words with concrete actions throughout the job selection process. During my 8th semester, I had 2 job offers.

Abhishek Sanjay Sarabi

Hired by pCloudy

I found the AMCAT feedback report quite interesting. Everyone wishes to know their strengths and weaknesses.

Asif Jawed

Hired by Carbynetech India Pvt. Ltd

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was unable to get a job. So, I decided to opt for the AMCAT exam and I did find the job.

Yash Chaudhary

Hired by CitiusTech

I am very sure that no other platform provides you with as much support from your test date till the time you actually land a job as AMCAT does.

Ravi Ranjan Singh

Hired by Jellyfish Technology

I opted for the AMCAT exam because many of my friends suggested it to me


Hired by Searchtap

As a fresher, taking AMCAT was the right decision.


Hired by ITC Infotech

A good percentile and score can provide you with many job opportunities.


Hired by MindTree

1000+ Companies Trust AMCAT

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