AMCAT Test and How to Go About It

AMCAT Test and How to Go About It

You might be gearing up for the AMCAT Test or heard a lot about it already. But what is it all about and how to go about it?

Know the ins and outs of the AMCAT Test.
Know the ins and outs of the AMCAT Test.

The AMCAT Test has become synonym with jobs and job opportunities. While lakhs of candidates enrol to the AMCAT Test, there are still many who have doubts regarding the test and how to go about it. So, we decided to do a series of articles answering those doubts and questions to help you understand AMCAT better.

About the AMCAT Test

AMCAT is not a long lost or even step sister of the CAT exam. It is a Computer Adaptive Assessment test help by Aspiring Minds all over India and numerous places across the globe. This adaptive test adapts and forms questions based on your answers and tests an applicant on critical areas.

Logical reasoning,english skills, quantitative skills finally followed by job and subject-specific domain is what consists of the AMCAT Test. This test not only evaluates someone on the basis of their skills set but also assesses their personality traits to help them stand out.

Everyone is unique and they cannot be judged along the same lines, and that is the whole motive behind the domain specific test held by AMCAT.

How does it help?

AMCAT brings recruiters and job seekers under one roof. It helps the candidates highlight their unique skills set and get noticed by the companies. For the companies looking to hire new candidates, it is the other way round. They find help in identifying the right candidate through the test.

Post the test, the candidates receive numerous job options and offers based on their individual performance of the test.

Who is eligible for the AMCAT Test

If you have a graduate degree, irrespective of the subject you chose, you are eligible. People pursuing their graduation are also eligible for the test and can take the test at the right time to get massive fresher job opportunities.

How to go about the test

The first step to being a part of the AMCAT family is to enroll yourself and schedule a test. For that, you will have to go to the schedule the AMCAT test section and pay the test fee. You can pay the fee either through demand draft, net banking or by using your debit or credit card. Once you have done that select the test date from the options available and choose the test centre.

You will get a list of test centres and you can choose in your city or near your city and give the test on your chosen day and date. Do remember that you cannot give the test from the comfort of your home.

AMCAT Test Score

Please do keep it in mind that there are no good or bad AMCAT Test scores. There is no right score either and your eligibility for any job is subject to the criteria of the company you are applying for. There are cut-offs provided by the companies, and candidates are selected on the basis of that. You just need to know how to crack the AMCAT Test to get the maximum number of calls and job offers.

If you have any more doubts regarding the AMCAT Test, then you can leave your query in the comments section below. You can further check our fresher jobs section and apply through if you have already given the AMCAT Test or plan to do so soon.



  1. sir ,what are the advanteges for writing the amcat exam and how much cost it is and how days validity the cost

  2. hiee.. Can u plz tell me when we have to select the subjects?? As i wanted to take computer programming n computer science apart from general i.e. quants,logicaln english?? will i have to do that at exam center??

  3. Hi Tanya,

    You can select your subject categories while registering for amcat test. You can begin your registration process here

    All the best

  4. Sir,I have enrolled to amcat through my college, I haven’t recieved my I’d and password, my friend got that.can you please clarify me?

  5. Hello sir/ madam
    I’m electrical engineering (fresher) I wants do a jobs in IT field as a developer and I’m learning full stack development course.
    1). I have bit doubt in choosing the optional subject in amcat whether I take electrical(which I have done in my graduation) or computer science (I wants to work in IT field) pls suggest me in the choosing of subject.
    2) Tell me the total marks in amcat.

  6. Hello Sowmya,

    You can definitely opt for IT subjects for your amcat exam despite finishing your BE in electrical. However, your concepts of software development should be clear and you must be ready with the syllabus parts of computer science. You can check out the topics which will be covered in the syllabus from the ‘Syllabus” section on the amcat page.

    Also, there are 5 sections which you will have to appear for including 3 mandatory modules and 2 subject-specific modules (in your case, computer science). Each module is of 900 marks, and it is recommended to target at least 550 in each section to be eligible for interview calls from companies.

    You can read our blogs on amcat to know more about the exam.

    All the best!

  7. Hello Nick,

    Of course! Through amcat, companies give preference to your amcat score. So even if you have a year or two of gap, you still stand a chance to get job; given that you score well in AMCAT.

    You can find all the details about the test and registration here.

    All the best!