How much does the AMCAT 2017 cost?

How much does the AMCAT 2017 cost?

Taking the AMCAT in 2017? Then, you may have this frequently asked question too. Here is the break-up: How much does the AMCAT cost + why you should pay it.

The AMCAT advantage for a candidate.
The AMCAT advantage for a candidate.

So, you’ve read about it – the AMCAT test, how the AMCAT 2017 will give those graduating in 2017 a distinct advantage over the rest of your peers. And you ask, how much does the AMCAT cost? Well, here is the answer – along with why you should pay it.

How much does the AMCAT test cost?

Opting for the AMCAT test? Then you may have this frequently asked question as well. The AMCAT 2017 costs Rs 990 plus taxes (including a year’s subscription). The cost will cover a scheduled attempt plus all the privileges that come with the subscription package.

These privileges include:

  • AMCAT Certificates (recognised by 2000+ companies) and can be published on your LinkedIn profile
  • Personalised Job recommendations
  • Comprehensive feedback (assessment of strengths, weaknesses)
  • Validity of your AMCAT score + Access to all hot and premium Jobs

If you opt for an additional 1-year subscription, you gain a two-year access to the privileges that come with the AMCAT test. This translates to a Rs 900 extra. A 2-year subscription (1 base year plus two years) will give you a three-year access.

Why should I pay this much?

The cost of the AMCAT test is a small price to pay in comparison to the AMCAT advantage that a candidate can receive from it. The advantage includes:

Self-Assessment: Identify your strengths:

The AMCAT 2017 test modules are to reveal a candidate’s real core competencies, but also act as a scale to judge the candidate. An adaptive test, the skill assessment assesses each candidate according to their real-time performance – correct answers bringing tougher questions while incorrect ones yield simpler ones.

Showcase your USPs

The AMCAT test assesses candidates in communication skills, logical reasoning, quantitative skills and job-specific domain skills, thus helping recruiters identify the suitability of a candidate, by viewing their scores. Your high score areas are your strengths, your USP – your low score areas require improvement.

Reach 2000+ recruiters:

An AMCAT certificate is identified by 2000+ recruiters as a stable skill assessment, applicable in cases of fresher job opportunities. As part of the database, your resume will reach them. You can also apply for exclusive fresher job opportunities on our website.

Get certified for your skills:

An AMCAT test provides definite scores and percentiles of your performance against the different modules. These strong numbers give an absolute inference of your abilities, rather than mere words on your resume. There is a certificate as well, which can be published on your LinkedIn profile.

Keen on going ahead with an opportunity? Then schedule an AMCAT test today. And if you’ve already done that, let’s hope that this lot of AMCAT sample papers are a source of help.


  1. Dear Team ,
    I want to know that even could I give test of amcat .because when I had created my account and filled education area so I got there is no any simple degree like ( M.COM) and I have done my post graduation from C.C.S University (Meerut) by correspondence .
    so I want to know .because I want to do work in mnc .