The Art Of Composing An Eye-catching Job Resume

The Art Of Composing An Eye-catching Job Resume

How do you make your job resume stand out make sure that the recruiter doesn't ignore it? The answer is that you add something very valuable to it.

The trick to perfect your job resume and land your dream job.
The trick to perfect your job resume and land your dream job.

Getting a job is all about bringing the right components and stirring them in a pot to form the perfect mixture. It is more than about just sending in your job resume or reading up for the job interview, it is a lot about saying the right thing, putting in the right skills, downplaying the wrong ones and making weaknesses sound like strengths. Amidst all this, your job resume is your first litmus test.

In the 40 seconds that recruiters spend on glancing through a resume, if you happen to catch their eye then you are sorted. If not then your career will lie on a heap of paper piled up in some corner. And, while creating a job resume nowadays is more like an art, very few know how to compose it perfectly and which colours to put in.

Hard Skills

Hard skills are one of the first things that you focus on when writing a resume. Hard skills are usually in line with the job and the profile you are applying for and are usually related to your achievements. How fluent you are with reading and writing English, how many computer languages you know, the medal you won for performing exceptionally in a football tournament- all talk about your hard skills and you will get a lot of information on these hard skills as you follow our resume tips.

However, as important as the hard skills may be, they are not the only thing that need to take the centre stage in your job resume. Your soft skills matter a lot too when it comes to projecting you as an ideal candidate and can make your resume really stand out from the horde of other resumes.

Soft Skills

Most recruiters out there will agree that soft skills make your candidature stronger and mentioning them in your job resume will surely make your resume so much better. Soft skills that you can mention in your resume are-

The ability to play in a team

While winning the medal is important, the fact that you have played effectively in a team, whether as a leader or a follower says that you are a team player. If you are looking for jobs, especially IT jobs, then you will be hard-pressed to find a job that will allow you to work individually and not collaborate with anyone or answer to a team.

So, showing that you do value team values will make your resume super-attractive to the recruiter.

Communication skills

Being fluent in a language doesn’t necessarily make you a great conversationalist. Of course, no one is expecting you to be a great orator unless and until you are applying for a job that specifically demands that. However, good communication skills are a great plus, especially since it says that you can be relied upon to communicate as and with the team, put your ideas across and make/give presentations.

Problem Solving Skills

“Talk about the time you faced a difficult situation and how you solved it?” This is a really common interview questions, and considering the number of times it has been asked over the years, it won’t be too off the mark to say it is an important one.

So, make your resume speak about your problem solving skills and abilities. Put in examples if need be to make your point (without going overboard, of course. The one page resume is still a thing). Write about how you discovered the problem and the steps you took to solve it.

Adaptability skills

Your adaptability skills can tell the recruiter whether you are a right fit for the job or not or whether you will have to be mothered all the way. Be passionate about things, especially your work but leave the room for accepting new ideas and adapting to the changing trends.

You cannot be stubborn about things if you want to achieve success and it is one of the core skills that the employers seek for in an employee. So, take special care to highlight this soft skill on your resume.

And now that you have armed yourself with some great resume tips and know how to compose a brilliant resume, go and use it and land the job you so desire.