Tips to start your job on the right note

Tips to start your job on the right note


The first job can be very exciting but it also comes with a number of challenges.  If you want a smooth start to your first job then keep these tips in mind –

Watch, listen and learn: Every organization has its own set of rules and code of conduct. You should observe your colleagues and try to learn from their behavior and actions. Understanding workplace culture is extremely important. So keep an eye open to learn the company values, how people interact at work and other such practices.

Clarify expectations: As you settle in after a first few days, create a list of goals and responsibilities and add a timeline for achieving them. Consult your manager if they are in line with their expectations from you. Work in a structured manner towards achieving these goals and also take regular feedback to know you’re in the right direction.

Go out for coffee or lunch: Try to build a rapport with your colleagues by connecting with them over lunch or a coffee break. This will let you break the ice and be more familiar with your surroundings. However, this tip comes with a caution – avoid sharing too much personal information or going for long lunch breaks as it may create a casual impression.

Participate in office activities: Every organization has a set of orientation sessions or trainings planned for new joinees. Use this opportunity well to interact with coworkers in other departments/roles. Also the sessions offer great insight into the company operations so pay attention and take notes as this information will be useful during your work.

Ask questions: Warning! We all know ‘there is no such thing as a wrong question’ but there definitely is a wrong time and place to ask a question. Do not interrupt important meetings you’re your doubts and rather note them down. Take time out to speak to your manager and seek clarification later. On the other hand, when being given a project or task – ask the right questions. This will help you get guidance and understand the exact requirements.

Strike a balance: Being confident is a quality most employers look for but don’t come across as a know-it-all. You might come up with out of the box ideas with the excitement of being in your first job but think before you comment. Take some time to understand about the organization and their goals before you go on to make any suggestions.

Your first few weeks at work are very critical in making the right impression with your bosses. While employers may not expect you to know everything in the first few weeks itself but conducting yourself in the right manner is an absolute necessity. Keep this tips in mind to avoid starting your job on the wrong note.