How To Email Your Resume To A Potential Recruiter

How To Email Your Resume To A Potential Recruiter


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Nowadays, you all email your resumes to prospective employers instead of posting the hard copies. Your job resume could be one of the hundred others sitting in the employer’s mailbox for the next hot-shot job vacancy in the company.

It is all the more difficult to capture the reader’s attention when your life summary is projected on a screen full of distractions. So, out of a hundred average resumes how do you make your resume stand out?

What is the right way to email your resume to the employer for maximum attention?

How do you ensure correct resume format and email format while sending out your job application?

Well, there is no right or wrong way to email your resume, you can definitely make a lasting impression by following some tips and tricks to create and send your email format.


Read the directions

The first rule of thumb for sending out a job application is following the exact same resume format and email format as stated in the job posting. Most companies offer the exact format to be followed for email applications specifically which must be followed in all situations. If you do not, you could risk having your application overlooked.


Send it as an attachment

The easiest way to email your resume is to attach it in the mail. Use universally accepted formats like .doc or .docx (Word Document), .pdf (PDF Format) for saving your job resume.

Few candidates think about the file name of their job resume while sending their job applications. If you attach files bearing names like ’CV_Final’ or ‘Resume (2)’, don’t expect to make a great first impression.

Minute carelessness in naming these files can hamper your chances of being called for an interview.

Ideally, you should use names like ‘Name_Surname_CV’ to come across as professional candidates. As for the cover letter, you can attach it in the mail or paste it as email application body copy.


Use a professional email address

If you wish to be taken as a professional and serious candidate, please avoid any funny/quirky or out-of-the-box email ID that you created in the early part of our graduation days.

Your email application should be sent out using a decent email address that carries your name or part of your name.

It’s time to update your email address before you email your resume to any other company.


Use a clear subject line

The subject line is of primary importance in your email application as it is the first thing that the employer sees even before your job resume. The subject line determines whether or not your resume will be viewed by the employer. The subject line should be clear and concise to tell exactly what the email carriers. Use any of the subject line formations to email your resume.

*Resume – Job Title – Your Name*

*Resume: Your Name for Job Title*

*Your Name Resume: Job Title*


Conclude with a signature

Remember to close your job resume with a professional signature to reference your name or contact number. Use your email signature to make it easier for the employer to contact you in need. This could be as simple as – First Name Last Name, Email address, and Phone number.


Proofread and email your resume

Before hitting the ‘Send’ button, check your email, cover letter and resume for any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and formatting flaws. Email your resume to yourself to as a test mail to check what your email application would like to the employer.

Follow any instructions laid out in the job posting to ensure that your job resume reaches the right recipient at the right time.



Resumes are extremely important for a professional career as they decide whether or not you are worth hiring. Before you email your resume to the recruiter, check your resume through the above criteria. If you need professional help in building a decent resume for yourself, you should get Resume Buddy. It is the latest product offered by AMCAT which helps students in creating a skill-based job resume using the 25+ resume formats, content recommendation, and step-by-step guide. Breakthrough the resume barrier in your career with Resume Buddy.


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