What Is The AMCAT Exam And Why Is It Important For Your...

What Is The AMCAT Exam And Why Is It Important For Your Career


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The quest for a job is long and challenging, and one should do everything in their control to make that easier. Most final year students searching for jobs would have come across the AMCAT exam. If you are one of them and here to find out what is the AMCAT and how does it help you find a job, stick around, we will take you through the basics.

What is the AMCAT Exam?

The Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test (AMCAT) is an adaptive computer test and measures the employability skills of a job candidate. Over 700 companies have partnered with AMCAT to use the scores to evaluate the employability of job candidates.

  • The AMCAT Exam tests the student’s knowledge of topics like – English, Quantitative Ability, Logical Ability, and Information Gathering & Synthesis.


  • The exam also has a psychometric section called as the Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory (AMPI), and it is a one of its kind test which analyses candidates on five factors including Extraversion, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, Openness to Experience, and Agreeableness.


  • The AMCAT Exam has individual modules for students of Management with five specializations – Banking & Financial Services, Human Resources, Operations, Marketing, and Basic Statistics


  • The Engineering modules are extensive, and there are 16 modules you can choose depending on your academic specialization


  • There are also general modules for students who pursue careers in hospitality management, pharmaceutical sciences, and bio stream

The AMCAT Exams is for 2.5 hours, and you can select two domain-specific modules. Based on your performance against other test takers performance, you will be given an adaptive score. This will be your AMCAT exam score.


How does the AMCAT Exam help your career?

  • Showcase of employability – The AMCAT exam has a direct impact on your career growth because it is instrumental in highlighting your employability skills. You are tested on different domains and skills sets tangibly and are given a score to show for. It becomes easy for the companies to assess your employability in comparison to others. This is more useful than college scores because the companies don’t know how well you stand against the others.

  • Job opportunitiesRegistering for the AMCAT exam allows you to apply for hundreds of jobs, from companies that use the AMCAT score as a shortlisting mechanism. You should take the AMCAT preparation seriously because it can have an impact on your score that will be used to call you for an interview.

  • Opportunity to improve – The AMCAT exam score comes with an elaborate report that gives you details about how you performed in each section. The feedback report gives you details about your personality, how well you fared in each part and what are the areas for improvement, plus how well your skills are suitable for which jobs. No other company gives such detailed feedback on your test performance. You will get this report only when you take the AMCAT exam. The report will help you assess yourself and improve on it, which will directly impact your career growth.

  • Certification on job portals – AMCAT exam gives you access to the job portal on the AMCAT website where companies post their requirements on an everyday basis. But there is more; you can use your AMCAT score on other job portals like Linkedin and Monster. In fact, you can place the link of your AMCAT certificate directly on to your profile, so that prospective employers check it out. It will indicate to recruiters that you are keen on investing in career development and will be interested in calling you for interviews.

Hope we have given you enough reasons to sign up for the AMCAT exam and increase your job opportunities and improve your career growth.

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