Resume Tips | Things to learn from Vladimir Putin’s CV

Resume Tips | Things to learn from Vladimir Putin’s CV

Put in your efforts the Putin way to make an impressive Resume! Follow these resume tips to bathe in professional glory.

Resume Tips
Resume Tips: Put in your achievements the Putin Way (ResumeVibe)

Your Resume and CV are your weapons to win the Battle of Jobs. These two quintessential documents narrate your story to the employers. And you just have 10 seconds to make an impression. That being said, you’d, of course, understand the importance of your Resume and CV. We do too. So, here are some Resume Tips that you can use to sharpen your weapons.

But here is the twist: We have called in the Big Guns! This time we are narrating Resume Tips based on the resume module of the Forbes No. 1 Most Powerful ManVladimir Putin, by ResumeVibe (a resume template website).

Have a look:

Resume Tips
This is what Power looks like (ResumeVibe)

1. Well, Looks Do Matter

Yes, it matters a lot what exactly is presented on that piece of paper. No, I don’t intend to discriminate or be biased! What it means is you should put decent passport size photograph (try white backgrounds, always). Don’t go overboard with makeup or grooming while getting yourself clicked (for Resume). Since you are old enough to apply for a job, I believe you are old enough to pick which photograph should be used. Period.

2. The Contact Deets

Do you want the employer to flip through pages just to let them figure out a way to affirm your job? I hope not! So, make sure you have put your contact details in a clear-cut manner. Just like this Russian prodigy has showcased his phone number and LinkedIn detail. Do not mention your personal or social media addresses like Facebook or Instagram.

3. Introduce Yourself

Whether you get to do this in person is actually dependent on this very document. Ironical, huh! So, take these resume tips and introduce yourself in a brilliant way. As I always say- stand out to get in. Type your name is a decent, readable font. Mention your current designation below your name; just as Putin has done. Also, mention certain personal yet professional details about yourself; only to get the employer acquainted with you.

4. Showcase Your Work Experience

Just look at Putin’s depiction of his work ex. It is really a great idea to put all your work experience in a timeline. Why, do you ask? It gives the reader a BRIEF idea about work. It saves their time and this might just give you the advantage. It also portrays that you don’t like to talk in loops. “A meticulous employee who keeps it short and brief”, the employers would think.

5. It is All About Employability Skills

These days, it is actually all about how employable you are! Your core skills, of course, do matter. But, employers assist you based on your overall skills. They see you as a one-time investment and no one likes a temporary investment! Recruiters want candidates who can benefit their company with their in various facets. Hence, it calls for you to develop various skills. That is why showcase that language you can fluently speak. Mention the volunteer work you did that helped you hone your employability skills.

Other than these, if you closely examine Putin’s resume, you should note that it is crisp, neat and very much reader friendly. Please, do not go overboard with decorations– that is stupid. Adhere to friendly, eye-pleasing and clean aesthetics for your documents.

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