6 Easy Tricks To Avoid Resume Rejections

6 Easy Tricks To Avoid Resume Rejections

resume rejection

resume rejection

Putting together a resume for the first time (or the first time in a very long time) can be painfully awful. Resume building is a difficult task for most of you at different stages of your career.

You never really know what the employers expect to find your resume. Resulting in those surprise interview calls and resume rejections too.

Even after following all the obvious resume building tips and guidelines off the internet you face resume rejections.

Now, how do you deal with a problem that you do not fully understand?

Well, this is why you have Resume Buddy at your disposal.

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You may already know about Resume Buddy, Aspiring mind’s latest resume building tool that helps candidates create professional resumes in a few simple steps. The tool allows you to choose from 25+ resume templates, professional-levels and word/phrase suggestions that makes resume building a quick task.

If you’ve been subject to brutal resume rejections, here’s your chance to come out victorious. Try Resume Buddy and ditch the drama caused by the following resume mistakes:


Forcing Keywords & Cramming Too Much

Most MNCs and big-shot companies make use of the new ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to filter out the desirable resumes from the pile they receive each day. This system checks for relevant keywords and information in a resume.

To avoid getting filtered at the first stage, the candidates force-fit keywords and lots of information in the resume.

However, they do not realize that the resume would still go-through human check after the ATS step. Nobody wants to read your life essay in 8 points font packaged as a resume.

You should understand that trying too hard to make an impression results in resume rejections.


Foraying into irrelevant topics

Were you the head in-charge of collecting money for a school trip? Did you win an inter-school beauty pageant in 6th grade? Did your English tutor award you with a trophy for a great article in high school? Good for you!

Do not put out everything and anything your resume.

It’s not a place to stuff all your achievements. Too much irrelevant work and academic history can put off the reader causing resume rejections.

Instead, us this space to demonstrate the capabilities that make you a perfect fit for the job in question.


Trying to be someone else

Project your truest self in the resume because fabrication doesn’t last long in such situations. You will be caught eventually which will not be a very pleasant experience. Do not hide your real personality under all the technical jargons and clichés.

The employer is equally interested in discovering your personality as much as your knowledge of the subject.

Resume rejections happen when your resume doesn’t resonate with the employer or makes you look like a misfit for the company.

Take note of this resume building tip – It’s great to demonstrate your skills and abilities in your CV but you also need to show what sort of impact they make on an employer. Don’t simply state your responsibilities and knowledge – but go on to explain the results of your skills when you apply them.


Meaningless clichés

We often come across CVs that are stuffed with meaningless clichés like

‘blue-sky thinker with a can-do attitude’,

‘strong work ethics’ and

‘greatest team player’ etc.

It’s good to talk about such things but what value does it add to your candidature? Nothing!

These clichés are a very big reason for a large part of resume rejections. Concentrate on explaining exactly what you’ve done for your employer and how it has benefited the organization instead of bulking it out with vague words and fancy phrases.



How can we forget about our dear typos? It’s almost criminal to send out a grammatical flawed or typo infected resume for job application.

You are doomed to face resume rejections if you do not make it an error-free document before pressing the ‘Send’ button.

It’s hard to claim your attention for detail if your resume includes typos, omitted words or wrong grammar. Get someone to proofread your resume or simply use Resume Buddy to ensure mistake-free results. Be mindful of all the omissions and additions while tailoring your resume for each job.


Bad formatting

Long paragraphs, fancy fonts, horrible designs, and odd resume templates are the reason why resume rejections have become so common.

Nothing is more off-putting to the hiring manager than trying to read a disjointed resume with poor formatting. Make sure you’re creating your resume in the right format.

On a safe side, create your resume in three most common formats – .doc and .PDF.

With Resume Buddy you can adapt your resume in any of the desirable formats in a jiffy. Try for yourself. The resume templates available on Resume Buddy can be easily transformed into any format.




While resume writing is mindful of these mistakes because resume rejections can be discouraging and demotivating. Be and put out the best version of your true self in a resume. To create the best possible resume in simple steps subscribe to Resume Buddy.

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