How To Prepare For AMCAT Exam For The Second Time?

How To Prepare For AMCAT Exam For The Second Time?


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Not very happy with your AMCAT exam score? Do you feel you didn’t get enough time to prepare for AMCAT exam? Don’t worry, you are not alone!

A lot of students wish they could take any exam twice. Thankfully, AMCAT gives you the opportunity to take the exam for as many times as you want.

Apart from the lack of time to prepare for AMCAT exam, there are many other reasons why it’s a good idea to give AMCAT exam a second chance. Such as;

– You have got a low score and you are sure you can improve on it

– You aren’t getting the kind of jobs you are looking for, because you have a low score

– Your AMCAT subscription is expiring and you want more time to find your dream job

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Here are the steps on how to prepare for AMCAT exam for the second time –


1. Assess your feedback report

The first step in AMCAT preparation for the second time is to fully analyse the feedback report. You will receive a detailed feedback report with your score. This report gives you a national percentile in all the AMCAT sections and an assessment of your weak and strong areas.

The best feature is the performance chakra that gives you this information visually and helps you understand better where it is that you need to improve. By doing this, you can prepare for AMCAT exam in the modules where you lacked and have a chance to score better next time!


2. Check the qualities your dream job/role requires

The AMCAT feedback report also gives a fitment report on the skills required by popular jobs and roles. This way you will be able to assess what kind of a job you would be ideal for.

For instance, you may be suitable for a marketing job, but you wish to get a software engineering job. The report gives you information that you need to score more in technical modules and have better programming and logical skills.

This way when you prepare for AMCAT exam you will know whether to focus on a career that’s suited for you or work hard towards a career that you want.


3. Create a study plan

Based on the above two pointers, you will get an idea of what modules and sections you need to improve on.  You will now have to create a study plan with the insights from these to prepare for AMCAT exam the second time.

If you continue with your wish to get a good software engineering job then spend at least an hour everyday in learning programming languages and coding.

Go through the syllabus of each module on the AMCAT exam website and create a checklist of all the topics you have to cover. You will need to study and plan for at least two months prior to the exam, to make a difference to your marks.


4. Take a mock test to assess your preparation

The best way to take a step back and check whether your study plan is helping you prepare for AMCAT exam is to take a mock test. PrepAMCAT is the best mock exam for AMCAT exam and gives you unseen questions in a similar exam environment as the actual AMCAT. This effectively makes you feel like you have taken the exam second time!


5. Revise and improve on scores

The PrepAMCAT also gives you a detailed performance report. You can compare your first AMCAT exam scores and your mock AMCAT results to see if there is any difference in the module scores.

Hopefully, your AMCAT preparation has paid off and you have seen tremendous improvement in your scores. However, if that has not happened then you need head back to the table and prepare for AMCAT exam on the topics where you scored less. Tweak your preparation and ensure you go through the basics the day before the exam.



Your challenge to prepare for AMCAT exam is not the time you put it, it’s the smart work you put in! You shouldn’t go back to your books and re-write the formulae and do the sums. Just follow these steps and work on the things that are dragging you down!

Do you have any more questions about how to prepare for AMCAT for the second time? Ask us in the comments below.

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