Interview success tips | 5 Smart ways to turn the job interview...

Interview success tips | 5 Smart ways to turn the job interview in your favor


interview success tips

Ask anyone for interview success tips and the list begins from ‘wear the right clothes’ to ‘practice how to answer all the common interview questions’. All of these interview preparation tips are important and will eventually contribute to job interview success.

However, there are certain things that have more value than others. Some of the things that you do will impress the recruiter more than others.

Everyone prepares for the interview but not everyone prepares to win the interview!

We have chosen our top five ways in which you can win over your interviewer and turn the interview in your favor –

1. Don’t show up empty-handed – Now obviously this isn’t like how your mother scolds you about taking gifts to your relative’s house! But coming empty-handed to a job interview indicates that you don’t have a care in the world and might as well be walking into a cafe.

One of the easiest interview success tips you can follow is to ensure you carry a few things to a job interview.

Carry a notebook and pen that you can bring it in the interview room and if you are asked to solve case studies, you can use it. Also, bring all the documents required including; certificates and ID cards of your college or Govt Ids, you never know when you might need it!

2. Tell stories – This is one of the best interview success tips with a high success rate and you will find that you have turned the job interview in your favor. Here storytelling does not mean fictional or fake stories, but actual incidents in your life that have happened, and are narrated in an exciting manner.

When the recruiter asks you questions about skills or abilities, you might just state what you know. You can do that even on a resume, but the job interview is your chance to elaborate and narrate a story for how you used the skill and ability. Not many freshers do that and when you display it, the recruiter is bound to be impressed.

3. Be someone they want to work with – Employers have a set of expectations from new employees. They want great workers who have high productivity but they also want workers who fit into their work culture. In fact, culture is becoming one of the biggest factors for hiring. One of the fool-proof interview success tips is to impress recruiters with great confidence.

You can gain confidence by ensuring you have fantastic body language, great communication skills, and listening skills. You need to showcase yourself as an employee who they would love to work with. You can improve these skills by taking a mock interview with Mock AI.

4. Ask if they need clarification or have further questions – A lot of students hope that their job interview does not last long and their interviewer does not ask too many questions! Because they think that the longer they stay in the interviewer room they might do something to fail the interview.

But, one of the best interview success tips is to be fearless.

You should ask the interviewer a few times if they want further details or clarification about something you mentioned. This will show to them that you are confident about your abilities and the work you have done. This will work wonders in changing the interview from negative to positive.

5. Ask for the job – Yes, it can sometimes be as simple as that! Of course, we don’t mean that you should enter an interview room and immediately ask for it.

What you should do ideally is that at the end of the interview, you should tell the recruiter in similar words – ‘I appreciate the chance to be interviewed for this position and it would be great if I could get the job. I am willing to work hard for it’

The reason it is one of the best interview success tips is that not many freshers have the guts to do it and when you do it the recruiter is left impressed! Most interviewees are worried and would do anything to get a job, but sometimes when you have confidence in yourself and you act on it, it can be desirable to employers.

Do you think you can use these interview success tips in your next job interview? Let us know if it worked out and if you have any other interesting tips that worked for you. Register for MockAI today and prepare yourself better for your upcoming job interview.