Common interview questions – How to answer “What makes you unique?”

Common interview questions – How to answer “What makes you unique?”

common interview questions

common interview questions


One of the common interview questions that have stuck around for years is – “What makes you unique?” This question maybe be asked in several ways –

– What makes you uniquely suited for the role?

– Why are you the best candidate for the role?

– What makes you stand out from other candidates?What are your unique strengths that are suitable for the job?

The point of all these job interview questions is simple; they just want to understand your personality. Traits that stand out and how they help define you.

You should remember that when the interviewer asks – What makes you unique? They don’t literally want something unique about you. They want to know the traits, skills, or abilities that make you suitable for the role more than others.


The answer to this question depends on the job description of each role. However, the key to nailing this question, like all common interview questions, is to practice.

A mock interview can effectively help you practice these questions and build confidence to answer this question in the real interview. You can use Mock AI to attempt common interview questions like these and get feedback on your body language, communication skills, and voice modulation.

Before you take the mock interview, you need to sit down and write down answers to these common interview questions.

Here is a short guide on what makes for a suitable answer –

  1. Highlight the skills mentioned in the job description – Your answer for ‘What makes you unique’ should definitely include the skills from the job description. For example, if the job ad for an app developer states Android skills, then you can mention that you have an AMCAT certificate for Mobile App Developer Skills. This will help you stand out from other candidates who may not have this on their resume.

  1. Bring in your work experience– One of the ways to answer common interview questions is to bring in your work experience. Each experience you have had in your workplace and your college sets you apart from other candidates. For instance, if you are applying for a sales job, you can bring in the experience from your college event when you brought in advertisers. You can talk about how you scouted for advertisers and made them spend money! This is not a unique task, but it might be rare among those who have applied for the role.

  1. Talk about relevant accomplishments – It is easy to keep talking about common interview questions. Like you might be able to speak in Spanish, and while that is unique, you need to ask yourself if it is relevant for your job as a software engineer. You only have to mention relevant accomplishments like you managed your college’s admissions website. That is an accomplishment that is more suited to a software engineer than a Spanish language fluency would do!

  1. Stick to your achievement and stay positive – This is very important in answering common interview questions. One of the best interview tips you can get is always to make sure you are enthusiastic and positive about the job role. Also, you should always mention why you are suited for the role, instead of talking about why others are not! If you put down your competitors, it will give a negative impression on the recruiter, and they may not hire you.

  1. Talk about what the company finds valuable – One of the ways you can surely find interview success is by answering common interview questions with answers that offer value to the company. For example, a company might be looking at individuals who work well under pressure, collaborate with teams, and communicate well. You need to find situations from your experience to showcase these traits as only they are valuable to the company. Any other traits like research, analysis, coding might not be essential and hence will not make you suitable for the role.


Always avoid clichés and generic statements that everyone can answer in these common interview questions. Take inspiration but always add personal experience to make the recruiter interested in hiring you. Make sure you are ready and confident to answer common interview questions by taking a mock interview. Mock AI is the best product in the market that will help you in the quest of interview success.


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  1. Maybe first we should have done something more than others to stand out from crowd ?
    Like maybe Mobile Application development course or any pet project on relative technology because many student dont have anything to show than college degree and one or two college project. 🙂