How To Write An Entry Level Resume For Software Development Jobs

How To Write An Entry Level Resume For Software Development Jobs

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Grab software development jobs with your job resume

Are you looking for software development jobs? If yes, then you are in the right place. To be a successful candidate for software development jobs, you should have a comprehensive job resume by your side. And, if your writing skills are limited to only writing codes then you should keep reading to create an impeccable resume for software engineer fresher

Resume format for entry-level software development jobs.

1. Contact Details

Your contact details should be at the top of your job resume. It should include your email address, house address and phone number. When mentioning your email address, make sure it is professional. For instance, an email address like hero******* or thegreatest**** will not put a good impression of you in front of the recruiter.

2. Resume Summary

Just below your contact details should be your resume summary/ headline. The purpose of the resume headline is to highlight your skills and accomplishments. It is important that your resume highlight is engaging and tells the recruiter how this particular job will help you achieve your long-term goals. When writing your resume headline, make sure it is short and grabs the recruiter’s attention.

3. Educational Qualifications

Being a fresher, you don’t have any work experience that you can highlight. That is why your educational qualifications come before your internships or extra-curricular activities. So, start with your highest degree and, then mention other qualifications in reverse chronological order.

Moreover, mentioned the name and location of the college/university with the correct dates, name of the degree and your grades.

4. Internships

If you have done any summer or winter internships, then make sure you have mentioned the title of the job (s), name of the company (s) and the period of your internships. Write about your duties or accomplishments in bullet points as it will make it easier for the recruiter to skim through your resume. Moreover, you must mention only relevant internships in your job resume.

5. Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are a great way to validate your interpersonal skills in front of the recruiter. Moreover, holding a position in college society shows your leadership and good communication skills

6. Languages

In a software developer resume, you should put technical languages that you know in the limelight. Being a key part of your job profile you should highlight them in your job resume.

Also, if possible, you can also mention any websites or pages that you have created during your college years. Doing this will help you get an edge over the other candidates.

7. Skills And Certifications

When listing down your skills, make sure you mention both hard and soft skills. Moreover, your skills should be relevant to the job post. If you have done any in-demand certifications, then that is an added advantage.


These are the 7 headings that are part of every software development jobs resume. Moreover, this is just a rough resume format draft for you to keep in mind when creating your customized resume.

Now, this was everything you need to know about the resume format for freshers. You can also take help of Resume Buddy if you want to give your resume a more professional look. Resume Buddy houses 25+ resume format for you to choose from. Moreover, it will make your resume writing error-free and compelling.

Best of luck.