How far is salary important in your first job?

How far is salary important in your first job?


Does size really matter when it comes to the cheque of your first job? There are various opinions doing the rounds on whether a first time job seeker should or should not consider salary as the most important criteria. We suggest it is important that you take the middle path here. Remember, this is just your first job and you should not pin too many expectations on your pay cheque. Here’s a few things you should keep in mind when you receive an offer letter –

1. This is your first job and surely not the last. Most fresher’s who negotiate excessively forget that there is not a lot of experience backing their demands. At the entry level, there is no shortage of young talent and you may easily miss out on a good opportunity because the employer would have hired another appropriate candidate. Weigh your options before you go ahead and ask for an unjustified package.

2. Look at the intangible benefits the job has to offer. Your first job will pretty much set the tone of your entire career so understand the kind of work or growth potential that is present. Will you have the opportunity to work on challenging projects, is the industry or niche of your choice? Will you be able to learn something new? The experience you gain will play a much more important role in defining your career so think twice before you turn down an offer.

3. If you’re in between negotiating a salary for a new job, don’t wait for the offer to form your strategy. Research online or ask around on what is the kind of average salaries fresher’s are begin offered in the field of your choice. If you’ve done your homework well and still feel that the offer given to you is low, then have some facts to back you up. Don’t just settle if the salary is quite low as compared to industry standards. Put across your point politely but firmly and let the employer know at tall times that you are very interested in the job.

4. Do not forget that is finally your chance to enter the corporate world. If you’ve put in the right efforts then after the completion of a year, you can easily put in your terms before the recruiter. Once you have the right experience under your belt, you have something valuable to negotiate with and that is something the employer really understands and will value.

So, the verdict here is simple. Salary should not make or break a career choice for you. Concentrate on getting through a good organization and working hard therein and the money will follow.