Didn’t make it to the campus placements? Here are 4 tips for...

Didn’t make it to the campus placements? Here are 4 tips for you to get a job!

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This is a season of Campus Interviews. We understand that the amount of people who appear for these Interviews is quite large. Hence only a few candidates are able to grab the opportunities at the Campus. You might have been rejected in campus placement or you must have lost a chance to enter your dream company. Now, must be feeling where should I go, what should I do.

Well this is a good time for introspection!

Do you think you’ve tried everything you were aware of?

May be you were ignorant about other methods and now you should try something new. So, today we will tell you 4 tips you should follow after rejection at a campus interview.

1.Don’t disapparate into the depression zone

First thing to keep in mind is to avoid depression. Life has just started guys! Learn to Face your Emotions. Talk to that someone who understands you and consoles you. Plug on to your favourite Netflix show or watch another Big Bang theory episode.

2.Evaluate yourself

After you have calmed down a bit it’s time for you to get into the evaluation mode. Ask yourself were you really up to the expectations of the employer? Was your attire correct? Were your interview etiquettes in place? Yes! Introspection is very important at this stage otherwise you’ll bounce back to the position where you were before.

3. Interview etiquettes

Well there must be a reason you were rejected. Foremost thing that you should check is – Were your Interview etiquettes in place or not? Interview is like marketing, you’ve to sell your skills to the employer. You should showcase what your employer is interested in.

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4. Redraft your resume

Resume is your weapon or the pamphlet that sells your skills. Your resume should not waste employer’s time. It should be short and to the point.
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All the Best !


  1. I had been rejected 10 times in interviews. I always reevaluate but each time somethings seem to go wrong. I cannot get the right thing to crack the interviews. Being a Electrical Engineer but interested in IT also I try to sell my computer skills. They are limited but each day I am trying to learn and enhance my limitation. How can I overcome these failures? I do all the necessary evaluation but still it happens again and again.

  2. Hey Soutik,

    It’s Ok. There is a market slowdown currently and it just seems like one of those times when all things seem to be going haywire. Have you thought about assessing what sort of roles you would be more suited to? Several assessment tests (like the AMCAT) in the market can help you do that.
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