Information Technology: I.T Services Companies

Information Technology: I.T Services Companies


Companies such as TCS, Wipro, Infosys, and HCL are known as IT services company or Project based company. A Services based company is the one that provides its services to the client for completing its requirements. For example recently TCS bagged a project from the Karnataka state government for establishing and managing a proposed SDC (State Data Centre).

The liberalization of the Indian economy in the early nineties has played a major role in the growth of the IT Services industry of India. The industry has grown at such a rapid pace that despite the large pool of engineers available in our country there still exist a huge gap between the demand and supply of employable candidates in this sector. Hence the job opportunities in this sector are immensely numerous. These companies provide a 6-8 months rigorous training to its employees before assigning them to various projects so as to equip them with the necessary technical knowledge.

1.1 Which are the Preferred Engineering Branches?

Generally all the branches of B.E/B.Tech are eligible to sit for the recruitment process. However some of these companies only allow circuit branches (CS/COE, ECE/E&I, IT, Electrical, ICE) for the process.

1.2 Motivation & Challenges

• Motivation

• Client Exposure
As the work in Services Company is project based, one gets to interact with the client on a regular basis to understand the client’s requirement carefully and comprehensively. This may not happen in the first year of the job, but definitely happens as you grow. The client is involved in every phase of the development of the product including development, testing and deployment.

• Managerial Aspects
The growth is much faster in a services company and one can become a manager in a short span of time. So, for people more interested in shifting to managerial roles in future, the services are a better option than the product based companies.

• Challenges

• Quality of work
It will be wrong to assume that the work done in the service companies is devoid of innovation. But the work is not that of hardcore development and does not include extensive research and development.

• Managerial Aspects
The salary offered to the freshers by these companies is relatively low as compared to the product and research based companies


• Would you enjoy working on the computer throughout the day?
• Would you like to grow to become a team manager?
• Does client interaction interest you?

If yes, then IT Services is just the right place for you!!!