7 ways on how to adjust to your new workplace!

7 ways on how to adjust to your new workplace!


The first few days in your new job is exciting as well as stressful. Starting a new job is challenging in many aspects. Each company has its own set of expectations, culture and values, and adapting to an entire new set of rules and regulations takes some time and is indeed difficult. Below are 5 easy ways on how to make the transition to an entire new environment a smooth one.

1. Take some time to get the hang of things: Give yourself two to three months to settle in your new role and environment. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. In the first few months it is absolutely alright to make mistakes as they will only make you better and more composed. People around you are well aware of the fact that you are new so they will assist you wherever you need help, you just have to ask for it! Never feel shy to ask questions and take guidance whenever needed.

2. Adapt to the new culture: As stated earlier every company has its own set of rules, norms, traditions, work ethic, values, culture and expectations. You need to learn, understand and yourself with these values and culture. Pay attention to the employees behavior: when do they take breaks, how do they address and behave with their seniors, how do they talk and joke with each other, their work culture. Try to adjust in the new setting but if by the end of your first month you get ‘ I don’t think i’ll ever fit in’ feeling then just relax! it will take some time but that strange feeling would surely go away.

3. Try to be a likeable person: Be humble and friendly with everyone. Learn as much as you can and be dedicated to your work. This way your colleagues and seniors will see you as a reliable employee and you would be given more responsibilities and tasks. Smile always. Trust me it helps!

4. Talk and get to know your colleagues: Make a genuine effort to know people around you. These are the people who are going to help and assist you when you are stuck so, try to bond with them. The faster you gel with your colleagues the more comfortable you will feel in the new atmosphere. Plus, people will also take you as a team player.

5.Talk to your manager about your goals, feedback and any clarifications: Sure, your manager is a busy person but it is his/her responsibility to make things smooth at your end. So, make it a point to discuss the goals with your manager in details. Sort out all the difficulties that you are facing in the work front. If you need any training, guidance or assistance in any project or domain let him/her know. Take a feedback from him/her at the end of every month on your performance. This would help you to gauge your progress and wold also give your manager an impression that you are eager to learn and grow.

6. Be proactive: Try to make the life of your colleagues and bosses easy. Find a way to provide a solution to the problem your team or your department is facing. Prove your worth and people will themselves come to you with work and questions. Also, seek for ways to do things flawless and faster, as this will increase productivity and help you stand out.

7. Take care of yourself: Transition to a new place is stressful and demanding, so never forget to take extra care of yourself. Take rest, eat well, sleep well and try to maintain a good work life balance. You need to be energetic, healthy and fit to take up all the new challenges that the new job demands. So, go an extra mile to take good care of yourself and as rightly said, You need to have a healthy body and mind to be successful and wealthy in life.

Adapting yourself in the new atmosphere and surrounding is indeed tough and stressful. Learn, understand, ask, talk, smile, fall, rise, make mistakes and even more of them but most importantly enjoy the journey. Don’t forget you have earned it so make the most of it!