5 things that are killing your Productivity

5 things that are killing your Productivity


Do you think your productivity has diminished in the past few months?
Do you always have a huge to-do list? And you say Yes all the time to each and every person? Do you put-off difficult work and do not automate the daily tasks that you do? – All these factor may be a reson for your diminishing productivity. Read this article on how you can get back your productivity at work and life.

1. Multitasking

Do you multitask a lot? Scietific studies have proven that multitasking actually reduces your productivity. When you multitask you’re not actually doing multiple tasks at the same time. Rather, your temporarily giving partial focus to a single task while giving majority focus to the act of switching tasks. Next time try to a single task with some more attention.

2. Not getting rid of distractions

Well we all do waste a lot of time on the internet. It is estimated that a man only spends 20%  productive time on the internet. Get rid of those silly webseries and TV shows. It is recommended to use a site blocker. All the popular web browsers have a site blocker, add them to your main web browser immediately and start blacklisting the worst time-stealers.

3. Trying to be a perfectionist

We are not talking about Aamir khan here. 🙂 Even he’s not a perfectionist. Its recommended to stop trying to be one.  Do you always set unrealistically high work standards and afterwards always get a feeling of being thrown off balance when things don’t go exactly as you’d like?
Our advice is to you is: Always Focus to finish the task stop expecting perfection.

4. Not having a work routine

Do you know our body and mind works according to the Bio clock? Yes bio clock sets up automatically the daily tasks that we do and embedds them deep into our unconcious mind. A work routine is essential for getting your mind into productive gear. Without having a work routine, your mind is bound to wander through the clouds 🙂

5. Having a lot of options

Most often  while working we find ourselves bombarded with too much info, and too many options. Do you know what happens to our mind at this point of time? Out Brain circuits gets short circuited. 🙂
Our advice: Only pick one thing at a time. Think before making a decision and start working. Information overload occurs because you’re mind is overloaded with info, but you can fix this by only allowing a single piece of info in at a time.

Hope you soon get rid of these habits and get your life back on track. 🙂
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