10 Points You Need To Know To Achieve Career Success

10 Points You Need To Know To Achieve Career Success


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Career success is something we all are struggling to get. Years of hard work in school and university, followed by training and jobs, all conclude to one goal and that’s to achieve a stable career. There is nothing wrong in running behind success but it may only work when you have the determination to go long?

To put it in simpler terms, career success comes only to those who are not only determined but also following the appropriate career success tips. Just working doesn’t work; you have to work in the right direction to get the right results.

So, here we are with our career tips section, discussing the top 10 points you need to know to achieve career success:



Learning is a continuous process

Completing a course in relevance to your job doesn’t mean that you are entering all prepared and will soon have a stable career. In fact, coming from the same job post in another company also doesn’t imply that you know it all. To achieve career success, you need to understand it wholly that learning is a continuous process and there is no end to it.

To understand and accept, it is important to keep learning and not feel bad about it. Some people might take it to their egos if they are asked to learn at a later stage of life or given career tips, but it shouldn’t be so. The fundamental to a stable career is simple: “Keep learning, keep growing.”



Practice makes a (wo) man perfect

Yes, the phrase you had been reading since childhood is universally true; and for everyone. Practice makes a man perfect, and a woman too. Whatever you are good at, it needs practice. There might be confusion over the term, as to how can one practice their work?

You can do it by doing your work perfectly each time, even though you know it can be done quickly without thought.

Even when you have similar projects, do it carefully and try to do everything with finesse. In simpler terms, doing similar projects should not be termed as boring or monotonous but as a practical exercise which improves your expertise in the job.



Your soft skills are your most powerful weapon

In your way to career success, the most useful of all are your soft skills. Everyone who competes with you in getting a job or within a job will have the same academic qualifications more or less but if you can win them over skills, the trophy is yours to take.

You also need to know the difference between skills with talent. While talent is mostly innate, you can learn skills. So, don’t give up thinking you don’t have communication or other skills. Work on it and you will see yourself how you improve and how it helps you towards a stable career.



There is no shortcut to success

Yes, you can’t become a CEO in a day, nobody ever did. What we see in today’s leaders is just today, ignoring all the yesteryear’s struggle to reach there. In reality, career success needs years of working in the right direction with perseverance and determination.

To achieve your ultimate goal, move step by step. Focus on short-term goals set by you and once you reach them, set another one, a level up this time. This way, you will see how you reach the top step by step.



Planning makes the backbone of your projects/assignments

Not only your career at large, but successful people agree to plan their every step while sharing personal career tips. Don’t just start with any work at hand. Prioritize your projects and assignments on the basis of importance and deadlines.

Plan how you will go about it and how long it should take you to complete each segment of the project. The better your plan, the better the outcome will be.



Networking is not an amenity but a necessity

To achieve career success in the corporate sector, networking is not just an option but a necessity to thrive amidst the throat-cutting competition.

So, take up every opportunity to communicate with fellows from the industry and maintain contacts with them.

In the technologically driven era, it is even easier through mediums like LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms.



Negotiation is an art and you ought to gain perfection

Negotiation is not just in terms of deciding your salary. It can also be broadly used in terms of negotiating deals and other profitable ventures which directly affects your career success.

There are some rules and tips which can help you learn the art if we can safely say it so.

Negotiation is asking and not necessarily demanding, therefore, don’t be afraid of asking what you think is achievable. Be willing to walk away when the demands by the other party are unacceptable, and listen in order to understand better.

All these along with focus and time, will help you become a good negotiator.



It is important to stay grounded

A very important thing is to not take your success to your head. Once you get over-confident your career success can stagnate, or even deteriorate. So, while it is fine to dream and work for better, don’t forget how you have reached where you are today.

Always stay humble and keep your attitude positive.



Challenge yourself

It’s not others you need to compete with. While competing others leads to temporary success, it is competing with your current self and your current position which helps you do better and reach a better position than today.

So, always look at what you are today and move towards your career success by challenging your current roles.



Don’t let your professional side take over your personal life

While it is not directly related to your career success, it means a lot for overall success of your personal and professional life. Even great books on career success tips acknowledge this.

We would say “get a life”. It implies that give yourself enough time away from your professional struggles to reflect on what you are becoming personally.

While you will need to put away your personal priorities on hold for some time, that doesn’t mean disconnecting from your life. Take sufficient breaks to refresh yourself.




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