10 Must-haves for your office desk!

10 Must-haves for your office desk!


“Office is your second home.” You spend your maximum time in office cubicle so it is always advisable to make it a place where you can enjoy working. Your desk should always have things that you need in your working hours and stuffs that inspire you. They help to make your work environment less chaotic and pleasant. Listed below are 10 office essentials that should be there at your office desk.

  1. A phone Charger: You have a conference call in 15 minutes and your mobile says “low battery”. Worried? Have that extra charger at your desk to avoid these unwanted situations.
  2. A table calendar: To mark those important meeting dates, conference dates, holidays and yes OFFICE PARTY dates. You don’t have to check your phone or switch on your laptop every time you want to recollect something important. Moreover, it will help you manage your deadlines and stay more organized. You should definitely buy one if you don’t have one already.
  3. A water bottle and some snacks: No kidding!It is very important to keep yourself hydrated and energetic throughout the day. The old saying a healthy body has a healthy mind stands true in all aspect. You can always keep some fruits or a bag of nuts for some healthy fats and vitamins that will provide your body with sustainable energy.
  4. Hand Sanitizer: You never know who is sick and germs are omnipresent. Have a little bottle of sanitizer at your desk to keep you fresh and healthy
  5. Ear-plugs: Hello…helloo…helllooo…cannot hear what the client is saying at the other end of the line due to the congestion in the network? No problem! Keep those special ear-plugs handy to avoid such situations.
  6. Mint or a mouth freshener: Eww…..you never want to be the one caught with bad breathe when meeting a client or talking with your colleagues. A packet of mint or mouth freshener at your office desk is ‘THE’ most important thing to have.
  7. A note-book and pen: It is a must for your desk. Any meeting, presentation, client meeting and conference without a note-book and pen is a big NO-NO. Plus, it helps you to jot down all those fabulous ideas that you get while listening to the presentation, talking to your client or having a conference.
  8. Hand-lotion: No one wants to shake a hand that is dry and chapped. So, always have your favorite hand-lotion with you and shake hands filled with confidence.
  9. Box of tissues: Have you ever had a sneeze with no tissues nearby and faced that embarrassment in your office? Keep that savior ‘Tissue Box’ at your desk to save yourself from any such situations.
  10. Framed photos: Tiring day at office and want to feel better? Those special pictures of loved ones at your desk will always bring back the smile at your face and make the tiredness fade away.

Also, an empty desk is a boring desk (I am sure you don’t want to be boring?)