5 ways to keep employees happy (even without a RAISE!)

5 ways to keep employees happy (even without a RAISE!)


Thinking of a salary raise for your employees to reduce the attrition rate? Well, as they say “if you want to feel happy just count the number of things that money can’t buy.” Bonuses, perks, raise in the salary, paid offs are not sufficient to keep your employees happy. Surprised?

Yes, there are several other factors that are required to keep your workforce on a positive note. Happy employees are more productive, more creative, better leaders and much better team players. On the other hand, dissatisfied employees bring down the productivity of the company. Given below are 5 best ways to keep your employees satisfied without providing a hike :

Make work life balance a priority

Work life balance is the key to keep employees happy. To engage the workforce and remain competitive, it’s no longer sufficient to focus solely on benefits. Employers must create an environment where the employees feel more connected to the organization and have a positive work experience.

Recognize and reward employees
Recognition and appreciation are high motivators for employees. We all love to get some acknowledgement now and then. If an employee does something good or takes risk, appreciate them. Give them a coupon to go out for lunch or dinner, tickets to a show or a movie, have a pizza party etc. The small encouragements do count.

One-on-one conversation

This is very important. Take them for a cup of coffee or a beer after work, may be even a private conversation before or after work, a team lunch or team dinner these tricks does magic in building great bonds with the employees. ‘Showing that you care for them’ is necessary.


Companies should consider surveying their workforce to know their satisfaction level. Inputs from employees can help the company maintain a positive and healthy work environment. Insights from employees will help in the two way growth of the employees as well as the employer.

Enable flexible work

According to a study employees reported that flexible schedules increases happiness and minimizes burnout. In order to keep employees satisfied companies today should focus more on attainment of work life balance that can be achieved through flexible work timings. Make the work timings flexible so that they can attend their children’s school play or go to that doctor’s appointment they couldn’t go last week.

Always remember that your employee’s happiness is directly proportional to company’s growth. Happy employee equals happy customer equals increased sales equals high profit. So where and when are you planning your next team dinner?