Resume Writing Tips: How To Make A Strong Fresher Resume?

Resume Writing Tips: How To Make A Strong Fresher Resume?

Use these resume writing tips to create an impeccable resume
Use these resume writing tips to create an impeccable resume

Are you ready to apply for your first job ever? To start your job search, you need a polished and professional resume because you only have 6 seconds to make the right impression on the hiring manager. That is why you need to create a perfect job resume and successfully take the first step towards your job search.

So, the sooner you start working on your resume, the easier it will be for you to get closer to your dream job and come out victorious. And to make it possible for you to excel despite the cut-throat competition, here are some really handy resume writing tips for freshers that you can really on –

Find The Right Resume Type

Before you start working on the resume content, you should choose a relevant resume type and format. There are different types of resume formats such as chronological resume, functional resume, and combination resume.

As a fresher, you don’t have any work experience. Therefore, you should highlight your skills in your resume. A functional resume will be a good pick for you as it will help you showcase your key skills and thus leave a better impression on the recruiter.

Impressive Resume Headline

Once you have finalized the resume type you want, the next step is to create an impressive resume headline to give the recruiter a snapshot of your job resume. The resume headline should not be more than two-three lines and emphasize your career objective and skills.

You should add some keywords from the job post/ job description to make your resume more relevant to the recruiter. A crisp and professional resume headline will help you stand out from the crowd.

Keep It Simple

Now comes the content of your job resume, the most important CV writing tip that you need to keep in mind, is to make your resume easy to read and understand. You need to make sure that the font size is neither too small nor too big.

Ditch paragraphs and use bullet points to present key information as it makes it easier for the recruiter to skim through your resume. Avoid making any grammatical or spelling mistakes as it might jeopardize your chances of getting the job role.


One of the best ways to optimize your job resume is by incorporating industry keywords. It helps your job resume to be easily scanned by Applicant Tracking System (ATS), a software used by recruiters to shortlist resumes.

That is why you should carefully read the job description and pick out keywords that are relevant to your skills. One important resume writing tip is to incorporate these keywords everywhere in your resume rather than putting them all in a single paragraph. However, don’t overdo this or use too many industry jargons. You want to make a good impression on the recruiter, not leave him confused about your resume. 

Highlight Your Skills And Achievements

As a fresher, you don’t have any work experience to highlight. That is why you should put your skills and accomplishments under the limelight. You can mention your achievements in academics, college societies, and extra-curricular activities.

Moreover, you can also mention relevant certification courses that you did during your college years. And, if you did any internships or volunteering work, then that will be a cherry on top.

Proofread Your Resume

Before sending your resume to the recruiter, make sure you proofread it for any mistakes or errors. Any minor mistake can destroy your chance of making the right first impression. While typos are generally ignored as human error, the recruiter might not feel the same way about it. They might even view you as a highly unprofessional and careless individual.

That is why you must proofread your resume for any small mistakes. You can also ask someone close to you or a teacher to read your resume and give their honest feedback. They might highlight things and mistakes that you might have otherwise missed out on. 


Learning from your mistakes is part of your job search journey. However, we hope these resume writing tips will help you create an error-free resume, which will help you get closer to your dream job. 

In case you need any extra help, then you can opt for Resume Buddy. With Resume Buddy, you can design an impressive and professional fresher job resume without much trouble.

So, use these resume writing tips to create an impeccable job resume and step up your game.