Understanding Careers: How Do I Prepare For Software Testing Jobs

Understanding Careers: How Do I Prepare For Software Testing Jobs

How to ace Software Testing job interview?
How to ace Software Testing job interview?

Are you a fresher seeking software testing jobs? Congratulations! It’s great that you are pretty sure about how you are going to start your career in the software industry. Starting your professional career as a software tester is definitely a step in the good direction. But, have you ever wondered what are the prerequisites for being considered in the software testing interviews? Or, what it takes to be a successful software tester? We will be focusing on these major points in this blog. And, follow it up with a holistic discussion on software testing jobs interview tips.

What is Software Testing?

Our day-to-day lives have a lot of dependencies on software products. In your case, as someone who is aspiring to build a career in the software industry, that dependency is probably higher.

To begin, let’s look into the life cycle for a software process. This life cycle is a complex process and involves planning, writing codes, testing and deployment.

When the sole focus is on Software Testing, it involves – planning, writing codes, testing, and deploying of the software application. The objective here is to find the software bugs. It is done in order to check the quality of the software and ensure if it meets the user expectations.

Career in Software Testing

Few people consider a career in Software Testing, when you’re in college. Testers usually switch their career path into other domains, but it is almost impossible to completely get away with Quality Assurance functions. This makes software testing an integral part of the software development process and a career that is not going to fade anytime soon.

So what can you expect in this role? Although software testing is a huge domain, Manual Testing and Automation Testing are the most in-use roles these days. Here, you will have to do automated or manual tests and check if the software is fit for use. You will have to find bugs, and then the product will be deployed.

Moreover, software testers, because of their awareness of the complete software development cycle, can handle the business roles of their companies. The subsequent role might be a Business Analyst or a Project Manager. A few move to software development roles.

What skills can land you a Software Testing job?

Software Testing skills
Software Testing skills.

If you love to fix bugs while programming, you might be well-suited for a software testing role. The skill-set you need to possess in order to get a software testing job include:

1. Strong Analytical and Problem-solving skills

You might be of the view that software testing primarily involves checking if the software works properly and is free of bugs. But, with the increasing complexity of a software, it has continuously turned into a more challenging task to find the hidden errors in the developed software. This makes it mandatory for the companies to look for individuals who possess strong analytical skills and problem-solving skills. He/she should be able to analyze it from all possible scenarios that might arise after the product is deployed.

2. Knowledge of Database

In the back-end of software systems, a large amount of data is stored in the Database. You might face a situation where you’ll need to check if proper data is stored in the back-end or not. So you should explore major Databases like MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, etc.

3. Understanding of SDLC

Understanding the Software Development Life Cycle is advised as it will help you to decide the testing cycle easily. Thorough understanding of SDLC will strengthen your ability to understand the complexities that might arise in an Application. And in turn, help you grab a software testing job and do well ahead.

4. Command of Automation Tools

It’s better to learn automation skills as it fetches higher accuracy. It would be great if you master an automation tool since they are designed for a specific testing application and they help to get the work done in a shorter time. Learning any basic scripting language will help you a lot in Automation Testing.

5. Knowing Manual Testing Methodologies

You need to be really good at it. How can you do that? If you know only about different testing types, it won’t be enough. You need to stress more on understanding the technique that will be applied at a particular stage of the Software Development Cycle.

6. Knowledge of Linux Commands

Most of the software applications are deployed on Linux Systems. I will highly recommend that you learn Linux Commands. You can refer to Linux Commands for beginners.

7. Familiarity with Mobile and Web Applications

How can you deliver effective Quality Assurance results? For this, you need to be familiar with Mobile and Web Systems. Getting familiar with these systems will help you understand the application and its scalability better.

What do you feel? Do you have it in you? If yes, take a look at the available Software Testing Jobs on MyAMCAT. You can also visit LetsIntern in case you are looking for an internship in Software Testing.


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