How to improve English Language skills?- A Comprehensive Guide

How to improve English Language skills?- A Comprehensive Guide


English language skill is the most basic yet crucial prowess required in today’s time. People who are proficient in English language skills are not only found to have a better social life but also heightened job opportunities.

Knowing a language may not be a testimony of your competence. However, it is an excellent addition to your personality.

How to Improve English Language skills?
How to Improve English Language skills?

Multilingual people happen to be more creative and exuberant. English is a widely accepted language. Therefore, it enhances your communication skills also. Hence, it increases your chances of selection in the desired company.

Thus, English is acknowledged as one of the desired skills in the world today.

Here is a comprehensive guide to English language skill development. Scroll down below to know more.

Importance of English Language Skills

English is used for business communication and understanding due to its wide acceptance. It has become a common medium to exchange ideas globally. Also, communication is one of the most desired skills in almost every job today. Therefore, employers look for suitable candidates who can converse well in English because of its universal nature.

Concerns around the English language today in India

Cambridge “English at Work” report states that more than approximately 70% of the worlds top management roles employ English as a communication medium.

Though this language is finding space among the urbanites in India, yet there is a long way to go. Gradually, it is taking over as a common medium of conversing. However, because of the nation’s diverse background, many students stick to ethnic speech. Also, due to social diversity, many students still lack proper education in English.

As the nation is taking exponential strides in technology, more and more people are displaying their English language skills. However, these people can be divided into two categories. While the first ones are those who are extremely fluent. On the other hand, the rest one’s are those who resort to doable “English”.

But, the good sign is that with about 22 regional languages, a huge chunk is gradually accepting the speech as a second language for professional purpose.

Components of English language

Components of English language
Components of English language

There are three components of the language

i. Grammar,
ii. Vocabulary and
iii. Pronunciation.

Levels of English language skill

English language skills can be described into three important levels:-

i.  First Level- Learners’ stage 

The initial stage involves the fundamentals of English. It comprises basics of English. For example grammar, vocabulary etcetera.

ii.  Second Level- Intermediate stage

The intermediate stage is an upgradation of the first level. Herein, you can frame sentences easily. Also, conversation no more seems like a hassle.

iii. Third level- Advanced stage

Now there is layman language. But then there is a professional way. Business communication, corporate communication, etcetera come under this category. It involves an impeccable art of articulating as well as writing.

How to improve English language skills?

Steps to improve English language skills
Steps to improve English language skills

Learning a language is a process. It involves various stages. It is described as follows:-

i. Listening to improve English Language Skills

Learning a language is a part of one’s cognitive skills. Observe a child. No one teaches them their native language officially. However, they simply pick it up from their surroundings. This is how listening works.

Listening Tip- Accustom your ears to the syllables, words and paragraphs of the language. This practice, not only helps you in understanding but also assists you in pronouncing the words well.

ii. Reading to improve English Language Skills

You don’t have to be a bibliophile to read. You can go through any write-up, a book or a blog to gain insight into the language. In this way, you will come across new words and written conversation.

Reading Tip- Do not stick to only one genre. By reading different kinds of stuff, you will get an idea of how the language transitions from situation to situation.
iii. Writing to improve English Language Skills
Never underestimate the power of writing. This is yet again an excellent exercise to enhance your language cognition. Therefore, by maintaining a blog, you can improve your English language skills.

Writing Tip- Maintain a personal journal or a diary. This exercise will help you converse with yourself. Make n number of mistakes. No one has perfected the language overnight. It is advisable to maintain an online diary because you can add a grammar tool to check your language while you write.

iv. Speaking to improve the English Language Skills
The best way to learn a language is to speak it. No, you will not become articulate in it at once. But this will be your first step to strengthen your “language muscles.”

Speaking Tip- Students feel shy while conversing in English with others. You can try the “Mirror exercise.” Why not speaking to yourself. Give yourself 40 days to develop this habit. Subsequently, the English language will naturally come out of you. Start thinking in English. In this way, speaking it will have come to a natural process.

Improve Your English Language Skills with AMCAT MyEnglish

Learning becomes easy when you have a guide. But what if you don’t have one? Professional assistance does not come easy. Peers may accompany you on your English journey but they don’t guarantee the needed support.

Therefore, AMCAT MyEnglish is well-curated assistance to gain command over the language. It has been reported that people proficient in English earn 30% more than those who are not. This is not a question of one’s competence but a matter of communication skills.

Therefore, AMCAT MyEnglish assesses you in a stepwise way. Here’s how it’s done:-

i. Computer-based test on writing and speaking,
ii. Textual or Audio response,
iii. Detailed evaluation based on various parameters. In this way, you will get to know your strengths and weaknesses.
iv. You will receive an AMCAT certificate. This will act as an authentic accreditation of your command over the language. SHowing it to the recruiters will act as a valuable addition. It will enhance your resume too.

Gain mastery over the English language with AMCAT MyEnglish.

Now, that you are proficient in English, give the best shot in your dream company.

All the best!