Job Search: Social Media Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Job

Job Search: Social Media Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Job

On a job search or already started with the new job? Whatever the case might be, here are some social media mistakes and etiquette to help you through.

On a job search or the path of career development? These social media mistakes might pull a big stop on both if you don't be careful.
On a job search or the path of career development? These social media mistakes might pull a big stop on both if you don’t be careful.

Looking for a new job can be tough, and if you are on a job search or still on your first job then it is all the more important for you to know what works in the industry and what doesn’t and how you should go about it. And in this world of social media, your social media presence and how you are making that presence felt matters a lot. There are certain social media etiquette that you should always keep in mind to move ahead on the path of career development.

So, what are these etiquette? And, how can you ensure a good social media presence? Let’s find out and explore the topic here.

Tweeting or posting updates about your workplace

It is okay if you are frustrated at work, that is no excuse for you to take your workplace issues and went about it on social media. If you really want to talk about your work, badmouth your boss or just want to vent about your day at work, then call your friends and do so. Posting negative things about your workplace will not help you score well with either your current employer or the prospective ones.

If you have so many issues with your current job then consider changing it rather than complaining non-stop about it.

Be careful of what you comment

Yes, it is your social media page and it is for your personal use but don’t put or post anything and everything for the world and prospective and current employers or colleagues to see. Refrain from posting things that might be deemed offensive. And, before you post something, thing, does this content really matter to anyone except me? If it worth offending people for?

Refrain from oversharing

Social media sites are there for you to share things with your friends and colleagues and relatives. However, there is a thing called as oversharing and if you want to be in the good books of career development, then you should avoid it. What you ate in breakfast to dinner, an hourly update of the trip you went on or any such thing that can be avoided, should be avoided.

Also, be careful that you are not making any unethical or crude remark as these can seriously damage your impression in front of employers and can even jeopardize future career opportunities.

Avoid the unprofessional

Had a wild party over the weekend? Don’t let the pictures from the party make it to your social media profiles. When on a job search, such pictures can take away your opportunity to land a great job. Most companies do a thorough check on the potential candidates before handing them the offer letter. And by thorough search, we mean not just a background check but they also dig in on your social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

As such, distasteful pictures can really hamper your candidature and can take away the job that might very well have been in your grasp.

So, keep in mind what you put up next time you are on Facebook or Twitter. Handle your social media handles carefully, especially when you are on a job search to make the right impression (or at least refrain from making the negative ones) and get the job you want.