“I toppled over the chair during the job interview” – funny interview...

“I toppled over the chair during the job interview” – funny interview stories

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The funny scary story of job interviews.

How many times have we heard that interviews are scary and they can really make you nervous?! However, despite all the dread and anxiety that follows a job interview, some people still managed to put some humour into it. Thus giving us some of the funniest interview stories and important lessons on what not to do during a job interview.

Sitting in the same position at a stretch can be harmful…err funny!

So, this interviewee was all set and prepared for the job interview. He had worked on his job resume, ensuring that it was fabulous, had his neat formals in place and had done his homework on the company and the common interview questions asked. However, what he had not yet prepared for was his foot falling asleep midway through the job interview.

Now, the foot falling asleep is in itself not a big deal, especially since the candidate had been sitting in the same position for a good 45 minutes. However, once the interview was done and our dear candidate stood up to shake the hand of the interview, he toppled over – crashed into the chair sitting next to him and sprained his ankle.

And, the interviewer…well, let’s just say she was too shocked for words or any action. Happily, our interviewee got the job offer despite the massive goof up. However, we know that not everyone can be so lucky, so find out how you can save a job interview if it is going poorly.


Not blinking through the job interview

This is one of our favourite funny interview stories and depicts the situation a lot of us have been in – not knowing how to answer.

So, this candidate had a video interview going on with one of the MNCs. The computer would ask a question and then your answer would be recorded and sent ahead to the management. To answer these questions, you got exactly 30 seconds, no more and no less.

For one of the interview questions, the interviewee ran out of things to talk about and didn’t know how to frame the answer in the stipulated time frame.

So, the solution? He stood very still, without even blinking, just staring at the screen, hoping the interviewer would think the video had frozen.

Of course, it didn’t really work in his favour and that is why it important to know how to answer questions that you are not very sure about.


Shouting during a job interview – never a good idea

We all react differently when we are nervous. Some get the literal case of verbal diarrhoea; others can seem to find their voice and so on. So, this particular candidate was interviewing for his dream job, when the interviewer asked him what he was passionate about.

The interviewee by this point was so nervous that he just shouted, “CATS!” The interviewer, surprised by the unexpected shout literally jumped in his sheet before gathering his bearings and continuing with the job interview.

It isn’t particularly unheard of to get nervous during a job interview, but shouting?! Now that is a different matter altogether! If you too are one of those who get super nervous during a job interview, then you might want to read this blog.


While we do agree these incidents are funny, we would advise you to not repeat them. So, ensure that you are not toppling over things or at least know how to save face when you have already goofed up. And, try to not be too nervous and learn how to answer all interview questions without shouting or trying to fool the recruiter.