How To Handle Your Job Interview Anxiety

How To Handle Your Job Interview Anxiety


job interview anxiety

Job interview anxiety is a real thing. While it is normal to feel nervous before one’s interview, for some people it is an intense feeling and can really affect their interview. If you are one of those people who go through job interview anxiety every time you are about to face interviewers, you need some specialized job interview tips to go through it and give your best.

Here’s how you can handle your job interview anxiety and ensure interview success:

Stay away from stressful scenarios

Stress and anxiety spike up when things go wrong at the last moment. So, you need to be sure about a few things which can negatively affect your interview:

– Eat light

Ever imagined an interview scenario when your stomach is growling? Well, we don’t want to add into the anxiety but it is very important to eat right and light before your interview. Not everyone sharing job interview tips will include this but it is just as important as any other thing to mind before your interview.

– Wear comfortable clothing

You should not only show-up in the right attire for the interview but it should also be personally comfortable. Ill-fitted clothing can increase your anxiety by creating doubts in your mind and making the situation uncomfortable further.

– Start-up on time

Running late is what adds manifold to your anxiety. So, it is best to avoid such a scenario and start-up half an hour early from your place than you actually plan to. It will ensure you reach on time and get time to warm up before your interview.



Control what you can

Other than that, you can significantly reduce your job interview anxiety and get interview success by controlling what you actually can:

– Prepare one night before

Prepare everything one night before the interview. All job interview tips by experts include this. Keep your attire ready; arrange all your documents in a file, keep your shoes polished, etc.

– Make a list

If you feel nervous that you will miss out on anything, make a list of things you need to do before you go for your interview.

– Take Mock Interviews

Now, the most important thing is to prepare for the actual interview. It will reduce your job interview anxiety and also normalize the entire procedure and increase the chances of interview success. Apart from practicing in front of the mirror, take mock interviews.

You can register for MockAI. It will not only help you practice your interview but also pin point mistakes about your answers and body posture so that you can rectify them on time. Also, it’s one of the tried and tested ways to interview success.



Other than that, you need to relax. There are two rules to follow here:

– Breathe

Whenever you feel it is getting out of hands and you feel the anxiety, take deep breaths. Motivate yourself by thinking about positive things. Rest assured that this is not your last opportunity and everything will work its way out.

– Pretend till you make it

If you are unable to maintain your poise, pretend that you do. Pretend that you are confident and it should go just right. You can do this! Pretend everything is alright until the interview is over and you will see that everything actually is right.




Undoubtedly, job interview anxiety is difficult to deal with. But if a few things are taken care of, it can be reduced to a significant level. In fact, if you follow the above job interview tips sincerely, you will see that the reasons for your anxiety hardly exist anymore.