What Is PrepAMCAT And Why You Need It

What Is PrepAMCAT And Why You Need It



Some of the commonest queries we receive from students include how they can prepare for the AMCAT exam and if there are any sample papers available or any website that they can refer to? As of now, there were no official websites to guide students in their preparation for the AMCAT. With all its positive qualities, the final AMCAT exam and the questions being asked remained a mystery. That is why, we decided to come up with PrepAMCAT – a simulation of the real AMCAT test.

PrepAMCAT is the official AMCAT readiness test to help you prepare better for the AMCAT exam.

What is prepAMCAT

PrepAMCAT is a mock AMCAT that can help you experience the actual adaptive AMCAT from the comfort of your home. It can help you gauge your readiness for the test well in advance and thus give you an opportunity to prepare better. With prepAMCAT you can know where you stand and how sound your preparation really is.

With real questions from previous AMCAT exams, you get the opportunity to not only understand the exam pattern but how much time you are spending on each question, section and most importantly, how you can manage your time better during the test.

Why do you need prepAMCAT?

AMCAT provides the perfect platform for students and recruiters to come together. With AMCAT, even those students who did not score very well in their college exams or those who don’t have the brand name of a big college to back them up can expect better job opportunities. AMCAT ranks students on the basis of their merit. The AMCAT scores are shared with the recruiters who then shortlist new hires accordingly.

With so much importance given to AMCAT, it is a given that you need to really score well in the AMCAT exam to get the job of your dreams. The better your score, the more job avenues open up for you. PrepAMCAT helps you in achieving just that.

With prepAMCAT you can prepare for the final AMCAT test and learn from your strengths and weaknesses. You can also learn about the kind of questions that you can expect and then prepare accordingly.

How does prepAMCAT work

PrepAMCAT works on the same pattern as the AMCAT test. The only difference is that with prepAMCAT your score is private and for your reference only. You can take prepAMCAT anytime before the real AMCAT test. We recommend taking it at least one week prior to your actual AMCAT

The questions will be on the pattern of the AMCAT exam and will be module based. You will get your detailed score within 2 hours of giving the test. Once you have the score in hand, you can analyze it and prepare accordingly and get set to write the AMCAT exam on your chosen date.

How long is the prepAMCAT?

The duration of the test will be 3 hours.

What does it contain?

PrepAMCAT apart from containing questions from the previous AMCAT gives you the full experience of all test modules. It is an adaptive test which works on the same principle as the AMCAT. That is, if you answer all the questions correctly then the difficulty of the test will increase but you will score more. If you don’t answer correctly then the difficulty level will go down but you will get lesser marks overall.

Does it contain same questions as AMCAT?

PrepAMCAT contains questions from the previous AMCAT exams. However, the questions asked in prepAMCAT are not repeated in the final test.

So, now you know what prepAMCAT is, get clicking and give the test today! Go out, give the test, prepare better and get the job home.


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